Gun-owning medical student banned from campus

A School of Medicine psychiatry resident whose nine weapons were seized by police Sunday has been banned from campus, four days after he was first arrested, a Yale official said Thursday night.

Robert Remington, 31, was arrested Sunday in Dolci Piano Lounge at 932 State St. for committing second-degree breach of peace, carrying a pistol without a permit, and carrying a firearm while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Later that night, New Haven police searched his apartment without a warrant, seizing nine weapons and charging him with two counts of illegal possession of an assault weapon.

Although Remington is disputing the legality of the search and the allegations against him — which includes a report that he called himself the “Savior of Death” who wanted to “kill everyone” — Yale officials have nonetheless placed Remington on administrative leave from the School of Medicine psychiatry residency program, they said Thursday.

University spokesman Tom Conroy said Remington will be on leave until the criminal trial is over and the School of Medicine decides whether to re-admit him into the residency program at the West Haven campus of the Veterans Affairs Connecticut Healthcare system.

“I think the key thing — No. 1 — is to have the campus be safe,” School of Medicine Dean Robert Alpern said Thursday night. “Then, it becomes an issue of trying to protect Yale and also protect the person. Just because you’re accused of something doesn’t mean you did it.”

Still, Alpern explained that residents who are found guilty of a felony are generally dismissed.

As of Wednesday, Remington’s enrollment status at the medical school and the hospital was not compromised, Remington’s lawyer, John R. Williams of John R. Williams and Associates LLC, said. In a Wednesday interview, Williams said medical school and hospital officials were “supportive” of his client. But when Remington came to work on Wednesday, he was told by hospital officials not to see patients until the trial was over, Williams said.

Alpern said that, for the time being, Remington will be on paid leave until the case is resolved.

“[But] the question [is] how long do you want to pay him,” Alpern said, “if it’s true he had all these weapons?”

Police arrived at Dolci after a bartender told emergency dispatchers that Remington was saying he “likes to hurt people and wants to kill people,” according to the incident report. Remington “stated that he was the ‘Savior of Death,’ ” another bartender said, according to the report. “He was a part of a ‘revolution.’ ”

But Remington denies saying “anything at all weird,” Williams said.

Still, police searched Remington’s home because they were alarmed by his “angry and delusional rants” and because they found a receipt for a sniper rifle in his wallet, according to the report. After receiving counsel from the New Haven State’s Attorney’s Office, they searched the apartment and seized the weapons — including two 12-gauge shotguns, two assault rifles and two sniper rifles. Because the search occurred without a warrant, Williams said he will dispute the legality of the search.

Williams successfully argued in New Haven Superior Court on Thursday for the release of some personal items seized from Remington’s apartment Sunday night — Remington’s apartment and car keys, as well as his cell phone. A man who was in Remington’s Mechanic Street apartment did not answer the door Thursday evening.

Jury selection for Remington’s trial will commence Oct. 8.

Reporting was contributed by Florence Dethy, Sam Greenberg and Paul Needham.


  • clarification

    The article refers to its subject as both a medical student and a resident, and the title of the article is “Gun-owning medical student banned from campus”. This is incorrect — the subject, if a resident, has completed medical school and is a doctor.

  • Nancy

    Regardless if this person is a resident or a doctor, that fact is that this person should be one of strong concern by Yale and the New Haven Police Department; he is a very potential threat to our communitiy.

  • Highlander723

    These cops blew it big time. A search without a Warrant is highly illegal for Law enforcement. He can Sue the New Haven Police. The Police have to return all of his weapons and Pray he does not sue.

    If the D.A. Is Smart he will make a deal. Return of all the Lawful weapons and drop all Charges in exchange for a release of liability. However what happened recently i am not surprised he would want to arm himself and the police went over the line. RIP Le

  • maxice

    If he loses his guns, how will he protect himself from lunatics. Perhaps
    #3 can advise.

  • Yale safety?

    for protection? why so many guns? It look like he was preparing to go to war than for self protection.

    gun + alcohol + atitude = deathly mix

    He is not trying to protect himself from trouble with those guns. instead, he himself is the trouble that poeple should avoid.

  • Let me spell it out for you

    The person that this story is written about is a resident at Yale. Residents are doctors. Residents are not medical students.

  • from a distance

    Anyone with the last name Remington should be allowed to own as many guns as he/she wants…

  • get your facts straight

    This is the second time in two weeks that YDN has incorrectly referred to someone who’s not a medical student as a medical student. This person is a resident in psychiatry, not a medical student. Get your facts straight–what you print matters.

  • Sam

    We don’t know all the facts of this case, and so should wait until they come out through the normal discovery process. However, it strikes me that many of the comments on this board, as well as the impressions of people (both bystanders and law enforcement) that led to his arrest, stem from a profound set of cultural clashes. Owning guns, even a lot of guns, does not make someone dangerous or unwelcome in a community. Ownership of guns is not only a constitutional right but a way of life for many people in these United States. Rather than judge someone for the products that he owns, we should all judge people as people.

  • Recent Alum

    Yale’s behavior toward students accused of crimes is becoming a parody of itself. Whenever someone is accused of a crime that suggests a left-wing bent (e.g., the Yale senior who burned a New Havener’s American flag a few years ago and risked burning that person’s house), Yale celebrates him. But if someone who is likely a conservative gets in trouble, he is immediately banned from campus, even if, like here, he did nothing more than exercising one of his constitutional rights.

  • To Recent Alum

    You are misguided and/or uninformed on this case. It is not a constitutional right to carry a loaded weapon while intoxicated and threaten to harm others. This is about basic safety.

    2nd amendment: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed”.

    Remington is not a well-regulated militia.

  • Bubble Gum Bum

    I know how skewed and unfair police reports can be. Sometimes downright fabrications.

    It was indeed very stupid of this guy to go out with a gun and get drunk, let alone brag about it to some girl. But the waving a gun in a bar part seems so far fetched and ridiculous. If he was indeed waving it like the report said and threatening to shoot up a bar more people would have seen this and likely reported it. Instead we get “a waitress told bartender”.

  • Alum

    Please correct this headline. Med students are not the same as residents! Med student admissions are much more carefully vetted than resident hires, especially in psychiatry, which is one of the least competitive residencies in the US.

  • Two sides of a story

    I agree with Bubble Gum Bum – must we believe everything we read; how about getting another version of this story by someone who was there and actually heard these comments come straight from his mouth. I know that a good story or headline sell newspapers. I was interviewed by a newspaper once and was badly misquoted – but because it was written in a newspaper – people assumed it was true. The only story we know, is the one we read in the newspaper. Everyone already has him pegged as a nut case – and you don’t even know him – you are judging him by what you read. Lets remember “innocent until proven guilty.

  • 1776

    I’ve known Rob since he was 19. He is one of the most caring and smart people i know. He introduced me to gun ownership and taught me how to handle guns safely and responsibly. He used to work as a hunting guide, his family history revolves around guns, he is a 2nd amendment supporter. He is not a lunatic looking to shoot up a bar. All this smear based on some bimbos lies to a bartender. And an overzealous illegal search of his home. I can only imagine the report has been written with same lack of honesty and credence as was followed during the violation of Rob’s fourth amendment rights when they illegally broke and entered his house.

    Don’t believe a word of that report. If he carried a gun it was for his own protection. He would never do anything even remotely close to what he is being accused of.