Briefly: An alternative to the BoltBus proffers additional New Haven bus service

TransportAzumah, a New York–based private bus company, has offered to start a Friday–Sunday express service from New Haven to Boston and New York. Owner Joel Azumah said this service, which may later include an additional stop to Providence, R.I., would seek to fill a demand present in areas routinely passed by express services. Azumah said his preliminary plans come in part as a response to increased pressure from the Board of Alderman to provide a new low-cost transportation option such as the BoltBus, a coach service owned by Greyhound Lines. Azumah said he is currently drafting a tentative schedule for the service to show the New Haven community, adding that if feedback is good, the line should run in time for Thanksgiving break.


  • Anonymous

    I was driving on I-91 next to a BoltBus yesterday, in heavy traffic. It was driving way too fast, passed me on the right, and cut me off to cut into my lane, w/ way too little space between my and the car in front of me. I remember it b/c I’d never seen a BoltBus before and wondered if it was a new company. Was also wishing that there was a “How’s My Driving” and 1-800 number on it so I could have reported it. If you value your life, don’t ride BoltBus!

  • By Anonymous

    MegaBus just ended service to Hartford (from NYC and Boston) on Monday after 9 months. Not enough passengers.

  • Anonymous

    I do not see how this is an improvement over the train unless the fare is substantially less. Even then the bus is at the mercy of the traffic and weather. I will continue to ride the train.

  • Anon

    We’ll see if this actually comes to fruition.

  • Ari

    Folks, it’s always good to have an option. Bolt bus has $1 special fares (or more commonly $13-$20). That’s pretty good, especially if it departs from New Haven- I know many people who would use that.