Police: Bloody clothes found at student’s lab

Police have found bloody clothes at the research facility at 10 Amistad St., where graduate student Annie Le GRD ’13 was last seen, a police source close to the investigation said.

The clothes were found in a ceiling at the building, according to the source, a New Haven Police Department official who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss an ongoing investigation. The University announced that law enforcement officials are holding a press conference outside Woodbridge Hall at 5:30 p.m today.

An unidentified state police officer stands on Saturday near dumpsters behind 10 Amistad St., where missing graduate student Annie Le GRD '13 had her lab.
Thomas Cain/TheAssociatedPress
An unidentified state police officer stands on Saturday near dumpsters behind 10 Amistad St., where missing graduate student Annie Le GRD '13 had her lab.

University President Richard Levin said Saturday afternoon that he could not confirm reports of bloody clothes being found at 10 Amistad St., the research facility at which Le was last seen. Levin said a body had not been found inside the building, though two Yale Police Department officers confirmed that 10 Amistad St. is now the site of a crime scene.

Police and University officials had previously said there was no indication of foul play in Le’s disappearance. In a telephone interview, Levin said that he had no information that would definitively point to foul play at this point.

“As far as I know, we cannot make inferences about what has happened to her,” he said.

But the president — who said Yale officials have met with Le’s family and her fiance — expressed grave concern about the situation. “This is as bad as it gets,” he said.

Le has not been seen or heard from since Tuesday morning, when she left her belongings in her office at the Sterling Hall of Medicine and walked three blocks to Amistad St. A roommate reported her missing that night and investigators immediately began their work.

A surveillance photograph distributed by the Yale Police Department shows Le entering the University-owned research facility at 10 Amistad St. on Tuesday morning. University officials have yet to locate Le exiting the building.

A fire alarm that sounded in the Amistad Street facility at 12:40 p.m. on Tuesday is thought to have been a false alarm, Deputy University Secretary Martha Highsmith said, though she acknowledged that it could be difficult to pick out Le, who is 4-feet-11-inches and weighs some 90 pounds, in the footage of the evacuation.

Highsmith also said it is possible that Le changed into a lab coat while in the building, which would make it even harder to identify her.

Le, who was scheduled to be married on Sunday, left her purse containing her cell phone, credit cards and money in her office in Sterling, Lorimer said. Her wedding has since been canceled.

Le was last seen wearing a knee-length brown skirt, a bright green short-sleeved T-shirt, brown shoes and a brown necklace, the YPD said. She does not have access to a car.

There are now 100 officers from four different agencies investigating the disappearance, Yale officials said Friday.


  • John

    Fox 61 is now reporting that Annie’s body was found in the building. Is this confirmed? So sad… =(

  • Tom331


  • John

    I pray that she is still alive, but in the ever more likely chance that she is dead, may justice be done on those responsible for this.

  • scared

    I cannot tell you how many times I have been alone in this building late at night for work. This is an outrage. Why do I keep getting my information from the news and not from Yale? Is it safe for me to go to work?

  • what?

    this is so unbelievable. a student killed inside her own lab building? aren’t there any security are the entrance of the building? If so, then yale securities and their head should be FIRED right away for being so incompetent and for not being able to protect their own students! that is so outrageous! shame on yale!
    All my condolences to Annie and her family…

  • jclair

    This is very sad. But the authorities need to consider that the 12.40 pm false fire alarm was set off by the perp to create confusion to allow him to escape in a flood of people going past the cameras, and to keep his/her leaving the building in a hurry not look supicious.

  • numismatic

    This sounds real suspicious if you ask me. Someone had to see something out there and they might be afraid to come forward. I am thinking maybe someone such as her self walked into something she should not have seen. But why did she leave with out her bag and cell phone she must have been getting ready to ease drop on someone or something she knew…

  • Tom331

    Fox 61 reported a body found, but quickly erased the link from their front page.



    POST THE footage on youtube, what is yale afraid of. Do the footage not show all the exits?

  • molesworth2

    Ease drop? Do you mean eavesdrop?
    And what would eavedropping have to do with “leaving without (note one word) her bag and cell phone?”

  • concerned

    While there is no body found, two things should be considered as possibilities. 1) the fire alarm. Was this diversionary albeit set off by smoke/steam . 2) there is apparently an attached garage wherein a person could be conveyed out secretly. Best wishes for a happy ending…but it is concerning thus far (what with the bloody clothing apparently found..but not (yet) tied to Annie (hopefully it is not)).

  • Detective

    I agree. The fire alarm is suspicious, but I don’t know the base rates. Perhaps the fire alarm in that building goes off every day. In any case, they would have a record of what location in the building set off the fire alarm and they should have a close look there.

  • Yalie

    I have worked in another large building in the medical complex. Having been through a fire alarm, usually they just open the doors back up after it is over and everyone pours in. I would think the most vulnerbale time for an unauthorized person to enter would be AFTER the drill, where he could enter the building without a swiper, and then lurk until most of the people have gone home.

  • JRP

    @detective, I believe they traced the alarm to electrical malfunction…unless someone could cause electrical malfunction to set off the alarm?

    @scared, because media has off the record sources and Yale can’t put out info that’s not confirmed.

    Also, scared, NO, it’s not safe for you to work, ALONE, late @ night, ANYWHERE. Most especially since someone did something to Ms. Le, and it’s highly possible that someone has a Yale ID and is authorized to be in that lab bldg.

  • lone ranger

    also a fire alarm can be triggered when someone goes out a fire exit…..

  • SickDrJoe

    “Calling all cars, calling all cars, be on the lookout for two….persons…last seen wearing the following: shirt, pants, sneakers. Believed armed and extremely dangerous. Suspects are hatless – REPEAT, SUSPECTS ARE HATLESS………that is all, over.”

  • WTF?


    if you are trying to be funny, this is neither the time nor the place! Can’t you see the seriousness of this situation?

  • puffster

    does anybody know what class was canceled abruptly?

  • Cally

    The lab is in the basement, the fire alarm was set off by “steam” and the buildings being connected by steam tunnels, bloody clothes and a professor who canceled a class at or near the time she went missing is very suspicious. the cops know a lot more than what they said at the press conference—

  • Not at Yale anymore …

    Yalies should not be so quick to jump to the conclusion that every crime stems from the dangers of New Haven. Fellow ambitious Yalie can be far more ruthless than anyone who resides in New Haven.

  • Joe ( newhavener)

    Remember the guy who hid inside that whitney ave. office , who when believed the building was empty went prowling and stumbled across a grad student who he struck in the head with a pipe ?!? He was apprehended

  • to Yalie

    If the fire alarm were connected to Annie’s disappearance, I think it’s far more likely to have occurred *after* a crime then before. Annie didn’t take her purse, cellphone or credit cards which suggests she was either in a hurry or wasn’t planning to stay in the building very long. If the perp gained entry to the building as people flowed back into the building, that would suggest Annie would have stayed in the building for over two hours or had left and returned later in the day. If that were the case, I don’t think she would have wanted to be without her purse and phone for several hours.

    I think it is far more likely that she planned to make a short trip to the lab, but something happened and then perp used the alarm as a way to escape more easily.

  • puzzled

    It’s reported that she badged in, but I have not read or heard that it has been confirmed that she actually made it to the lab and was seen by others in there. Did she talk to anyone and mention anything about leaving? Or are the students separated in the lab and cannot see each other? Thanks for any updates that I have not heard.

  • this is weird

    The Hartford Courant published a photo of Annie *being let in* the building by another person:


    In the photo, you can see Annie’s arms full of papers or books of some sort. It appears from the photo that Annie was let in the building. What kind of key entry does the Amistad building have? Do you have to actively swipe your card through a reader? Or is it enough to bring the card within a short distance of the reader? I suppose it’s possible that Annie could have been wearing the card on her belt of pocket and simply nudged up against the reader and then was subsequently let in by someone who saw that Annie’s arms were full.

    The only thing I’ve read says that Annie was seen entering the building at 10am (or whenever it was) and swiped her card *shortly thereafter*. That makes it sound as if she used her card elsewhere in the building.

  • Concerned

    Agreed, that since the evidence/ clothes are not at this time linked to Annie Le (who wore a distinctive outfit of brown skirt and bright green top), the clothes may be of the perpetrator. Likely they are doing a blood analysis now to see if the blood type matches Annie’s (hopefully not) and if in the affirmative, a study of “who wore” these clothes must be undertaken (again with review of videos and such).

  • worked in that building before

    You don’t need to actually “swipe” in, it’s the kind that is like those at the gates of the colleges, like just get close enough, it’ll beep you in.

    And there are other parts in the building (like the mouse facility in the basement) that requires key-card access.

  • Yikes

    They should arrest the entire Yale faculty and waterboard them until they admit to a gigantic conspiracy leading to the disappearance of this poor woman (and the writing of that letter about freshman women). It’s a huge, evil group, and tough measures are needed.

  • this is weird…

    This year MIT should give the “Big Screw” award to the Yale faculty and possibly even the entire administration. How many murders will it take before they learn that they have no clue how to solve a crime?

  • Prudent

    I am sure those acrimonious comments of the investigation and university are from CSI wannabe’s. As far as convicting before actually seeing any real evidence, well just revisit the Salem Witch trials. What about”innocent until proven guilty”?

  • GMS

    I happen to know the younger brothe rof this girl and i feel nothing but sorrow for their family at this point. In an update on this investigation it is reported that their is a females body IN the wall of the basement. We all know it is Annie so everyone please express your sorrow for the Nguyen family.

  • WhatSecurity?

    The family should sue the bejesus out of Yale, which is and has always been at best indifferent, at worse willfully negligent in providing for the safety of its students. How many students have to mugged/murdered/hit by cars for the school to start paying attention to this?

  • ExactlyWhatSecurity

    Some of the colleges at Yale don’t even have locks on the bedroom doors!

  • phd student

    does the vivarium/animal facility at 10 Amistad require scrubs or a change of clothing before entry?

  • SickDrJoe

    My apologies to everyone here; I intended that comment for a different article entirely – I screwed up and screwed up badly, and believe me I’m mortified.

    RIP Annie Le, and sincerest condolences to both of the families involved; I can only imagine how inconsolable they must be.

    By the way, the point I was trying to make (albeit idiotically) is that both Yale and the NHPD have a responsibility to be as transparent as possible with all information pertaining to the murderer or murderers. Although it seems likely that given the bloody clothes and the recovery of the remains, there’ll be either prints or sufficient DNA evidence to ensure a speedy resolution to this awful crime.

    Again; my shamefaced apologies.

  • kch

    nancy grace is taking this too far.
    my condolences for the family.

    they say she was targeted now, this is crazy. total conspiracy