News’ View: YCC started the year off right

On Sunday thousands of student flooded Old Campus to hear live music performed by fellow Yalies and to eat food from a diverse selection of national and regional cuisines. The day was beautiful; the music was exciting and fun; the food — until it ran out — was tasty.

The event was a great way to spend a fall afternoon, and all involved in its planning and execution deserve credit and our thanks: Yale Dining employees for preparing new and delicious dishes, WYBC and the student musicians among us for the music, and the Yale College Council for pulling off the whole event.

When in the spring students ran for positions on the YCC’s 2009-’10 executive board, the News published strong criticisms of many of the candidates. At the time, we found it hard to imagine those candidates accomplishing as much as the 2008-’09 board had.

This year’s board has started off with a great first act, and we look forward to more successes through the year.


  • WYBCRecords

    Best wishes to 17O1 Records–your efforts to help out bands at Yale sound like exciting propositions to me.

    That being said, there are a few things I want to take issue with in this article.

    To write a paragraph portraying WYBC’s efforts for student music as lackluster, and then to follow it up with a paragraph about “the annual Yale College Council-sponsored Battle of the Bands” is misleading. Battle of the Bands is not only YCC-sponsored, but also WYBC-organized, and to remove us from the picture misrepresents our role in promoting Yale bands.

    The irregularity of our live shows at 216 Dwight (which, frankly, aren’t THAT irregular: we’ve arranged for biweekly shows this semester) comes down mostly to the fact that it is somebody else’s house, not a universally-available performance venue. The lack of suitable venues for bands to play on campus is one issue that WYBC’s made efforts to address by petitioning the administration–and one issue that it’s run into difficulty coordinating with the administration and other student groups. (Credit where credit’s due: the Underbrook Coffeehouse is an awesome step in this direction.)

    At any rate, we’re here for bands, we’re already doing a lot, and we’re willing to do more if there’s a demand. Although I object strongly to the implication that WYBC is ineffectual and out of touch, I do wish we were in closer communication with student bands in general. We’re here for you; talk to us.

  • WYBCRecords

    Open invitation to any Yale band who’s reading this: ask about our 216 shows. We’ve got several shows yet to book this semester, and we’d like a Yale band on every one. Email and we’ll see if we can’t make it happen. Make sure you check out Moon Unit and Lituya Bay there on Friday the 27th.