Letter: Dodd deserves his seat based on his record

In his column, “Dodd should step aside” (Sept. 4), Matthew Ellison asked us to trust in arbitrary percentages concocted by the “completely intuitive political judgment” of a twenty-year-old as we decide whether to support Sen. Chris Dodd in 2010. I’d rather look at the facts.

The fact is that Sen. Dodd is one of the greatest public servants of our time. In his decades of service to our state and nation, the senator has proven time and time again his ability to lead the charge for progressive change. From authoring the Family and Medical Leave Act, to increasing funds for our nation’s firefighters, to safeguarding children’s health, Chris Dodd has proven himself worthy of his office.

Ellison writes that he “want[s] the senator we elect to promote Barack Obama’s agenda.” Senator Dodd, an early supporter of the Obama campaign, is doing just that. Already this year, the senator has authored four vital pieces of legislation—housing and foreclosure mitigation, Credit CARD, tobacco regulation, and national service expansion—all signed into law by the president. Obama himself has praised Senator Dodd for his “exceptional service.”

With fifteen months left until the 2010 election, Ellison’s gloomy poll-number picture hardly holds water. President Obama rebounded from a thirty-plus point deficit in primary polls in less than half that time. In politics, such reversals happen all the time. Furthermore, during his 29 years as Connecticut’s senator, Dodd has developed a dedicated staff and volunteer base and a loyal following throughout the state. These thousands of supporters make for a strong campaign organization unmatchable by any other Democratic candidate.

Ellison believes that “as long as the Democrat we elect is intelligent and capable,” it could be anyone. He is wrong. There are plenty of “intelligent and capable” Democrats living across this state, but those qualities alone do not qualify anyone for a place in the Senate.

We need someone with a history of bringing jobs and resources back home. We need someone with a lifetime of public service. We need someone who has demonstrated his ability to lead our Party. We need Chris Dodd.

Ben Stango

Sept. 5

The writer, a junior in Pierson College, is the president of the College Democrats of Connecticut and the president of Connecticut Students for Dodd.


  • Alumnus

    I note that the author bashes Ellison as a clueless 20 year old when the author himself is a junior and maybe 22 years old….

  • Alumnus

    I believe that the author was offering fact opposed to the unfounded percentages invented by Ellison. I, for one, appreciate this greatly.

  • Tony

    Hmmmm is that so. I would rather vote for Peter Schiff who might save dollar from collapsing. If we don’t do anything soon China will take over the world and we might have to use the dollar bills as toilet paper.

  • robert99

    Dodd is a perfect reason for term limits. The limit of which he has long passed. Send him to retirement in his Irish cottage.

  • JJ

    Why would anybody want to support Chris Dodd when legendary financial genious and Austrian economist Peter Schiff is running?

    He knows which policies contributed to the financial crisis, he knew how the crisis would play out, and now he wants to enter the Senate to prevent the US government from making the situation worse.

  • Guin

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    Wow. Three women in four years, assuming you believe there was something going on with Taylor besides a schoolgirl crush. He’s guilty of a lot of things, but I can’t get behind this picture people try to paint of him being a man-whore.