Mory’s expansion approved by city

The Board of Zoning Appeals on Tuesday approved plans for the expansion of Mory’s, although the requisite funds to renovate the historic eating club have yet to be raised.

The Board’s approval will allow Mory’s to make such desired renovations as allowing outdoor seating, adding a bar in the back and putting a banquet room on the second floor, architect Richard Wies said Wednesday. Wies’ firm, Gregg Wies & Gardner Architects, was hired by Mory’s to oversee the planned construction.

Mory’s hopes to complete basic renovations in wiring and plumbing, as well as add a bar, before its reopening.
Charles Francis
Mory’s hopes to complete basic renovations in wiring and plumbing, as well as add a bar, before its reopening.

According to the New Haven Independent, the Mory’s expansion was approved unanimously by the Board. Still, some of the desired renovations, such as the banquet room, are contingent on how much money can be raised, Wies said.

Mory’s Board of Governors President Christopher Getman ’64 said Mory’s currently does not have enough funds to make all of the proposed renovations, but added that it’s an “ongoing process.”

Mory’s recently hosted a fundraising event in New York, which led to verbal commitments of donations totaling over a quarter of a million dollars, Getman said. Getman said the Mory’s board is planning similar events in Boston and Chicago.

Getman said the recent class reunions at the University also sparked an interest in donating, and that the University agreed to make donations to Mory’s part of reunion class credit. Mory’s is also applying for 501(c)(3) status to make donations to the club tax deductable, Getman said.

Wies said the goal is for Mory’s to be open in time for the Harvard-Yale football game in November. He also said Mory’s is aiming to have space available for the Whiffenpoofs’ centennial celebration in October, even if the kitchen is not fully operational.

Although the basement has been cleaned out to make way for new plumbing, wiring and heating, Wies said, the builder is still awaiting a permit from the city’s Building Department. Renovations to Mory’s will also have to wait until asbestos is removed from the building, he added.


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    I saw the remarks about cleaning out the basement of the Temple Bar to make room for structural work. They might find boxing gloves in there. A bunch of us had a bare-knuckle beer boxing league- couldn't do this out in the open- we had a key and set up a ring down there. Lots of betting and sidebetting. The Dean of the Graduate School got wind of it and Mory's changed the locks. I hope the new Mory's will be more secure.

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    Dude, Like-a-cool

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    First rule about Mory's: Nobody Talks About Mory's.

    By the way, DC '57, while you were down there, how did you deal with the albino alligators George H. W. Bush was raising in the Mory's basement?

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