Univ. launches global health initiative

The University on Wednesday announced the creation of the Yale Global Health Initiative, the first offshoot of the newly created Jackson Institute of Global Affairs.

The multidisciplinary program will unite the range of efforts on campus concerning global health, support increasing student interest in the area and stimulate faculty research.

Elizabeth Bradley GRD ’96, a professor of public health, has been named the director of the newly created Yale Global Health Initiative.
Elizabeth Bradley GRD ’96, a professor of public health, has been named the director of the newly created Yale Global Health Initiative.

“By harnessing individual innovation and stimulating collaborative research and teaching, the Yale Global Health Initiative promises to make significant contributions to global health scholarship, education and leadership,” Provost Peter Salovey said in a statement announcing the new initiative.

Elizabeth Bradley GRD ’96, a professor of public health, has been named the director of the new effort. With the aid of a University-wide advisory committee, she will work on developing what she described in a telephone interview as the initiative’s three foci: education, leadership and research.

The initiative will also support Yale’s Global Health Leadership Institute, which Bradley began working on almost two years ago and formally launched in February. The institute is holding its first conference, “Strategic Problem Solving in Global Heath,” next month. The week-long event will bring together leaders in global health from around the world.

“Our framework splits the program into two kinds of programs,” Bradley said of GHLI. “One where we’re trying to work with country leaders on a whole set of projects in different countries and one that involves working with students here to develop a program that will focus on leadership in global health.”

Partially funding the initiative is a grant that Yale received this week from the Fogarty International Center at the National Institutes of Health. The Framework grant, as it is known, aims to enable work across disciplines on global health issues. The grant came about because the NIH received an unexpected influx of funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. (Dartmouth College, the University of California, Irvine, and the University of New Mexico also received grants.)

The Jackson Institute of Global Affairs was launched in April with the support of a $50 million gift from the former pharmaceutical executive and philanthropist John Jackson ’67 and his wife, Susan. The Whitney and Betty MacMillan Center for International and Area Studies also provided support for the creation of the Yale Global Health Initiative, the University said.


  • GH Enthusiast

    About time for something like this to be available.

  • Henry Z.

    Another program that props up the careers of the same old faculty …

  • Confused and disheartened

    Yale receives an uber generous, multi-million dollar gift during a time of great economic uncertainty and then uses the money to fill a need for scholars and make the world a better place, and the only two comments are one of sarcasm and negativity? To #1, sorry we couldn't appease your time table. To #2, you no not of what you speak. This initiative will add to the community of scholars as well as provide wonderful resources to existing faculty and students. "Another program that props up the careers of the same old faculty"? More like another program to be aimlessly criticized by the self-entitled and clueless.

  • Start with Africa

    Hope this program takes the Jimmy Carter approach and goes after one disease at a time. The Carter Center has eliminanted a type of worm in Africa which left its human hosts blind. Despite George W. Bush's good intentions the AIDS initiatives in Africa have morphed into a smuggler's paradise of drug sales and abuse. Between the ignorance of Thabo Mbeke and the greed of drug pushers,
    AIDS threatens to be a kind of self inflicted genocide in Africa.

  • another GH enthusiast

    I believe #1 was not being sarcastic or negative - "GH [Global Health] Enthusiast" as a name signifies a true appreciation for this addition. Global health is a growing and critical field, so any university efforts to promote it are great.

  • Recent Alum

    At a time of economic crisis when literally hundreds or thousands of Yalies on Wall Street and elsewhere in America have lost fortunes, is it really the best use of Yale's funds to spend all of this money for the benefit of foreign countries? Sometimes it seems that the administration is unaware of what is going on close to home.

  • @ Recent Alum

    It's not really Yale's $$. The funds supporting the program came from the NIH. Under normal circumstances, Yale would not have gotten the distinguished grant it did for the initiative. However, due to the recession, the NIH received a huge influx of funding from the stimulus package. The money funding a large portion of the new initiative came from that additional NIH funding from the stimulus.

    So, if you have an issue w/money getting spent as it is -- not implying that you should -- but if you do, your issue, it seems, is with the gov and not w/Yale.

    Just sayin'.


    Before you can start to address the problem and not throw money at it - let's talk about the real problem which would be crooks that run the countries!

    What is Brady going to do when we through more money at this problem as we
    have done in the past w/o results! She is not the solution or either the UN.

    Take care of the real problems and not throw good money over bad planning!

    Student interest is going to do exactly what for that country?? Look at history
    and see why the country is in the mess it is in and correct the problems! Let's
    not pad the resume of people that are not in a position to make real change over than increase of taxes back here in the US!

    You want to pay for this??

    Let's take care us us back here in the US and not put more burden us by overspending on "increased student interest"! Give the students a newspaper
    and let them increase their knowledge / interest that way!

    Wake Up

  • anonymous

    A major goal of any university should be to write research proposals to scientific bodies like the NIH, get these proposals funded, and use it to improve the world. This is exactly what this initiative does.