Briefly: English Department changes writing concentration admissions

The English Department will change its procedures for applications to the writing concentration beginning with next year’s cycle of admissions to the program. Students will no longer be allowed to apply to the concentration during the fall of their junior year. Department administrators said the new system will help streamline the application process and will allow students to gain more writing experience before applying. “The main reason is leveling the playing field so that those who start later in their work have an equal chance at becoming writing concentrators,” said Amy Hungerford, the department’s director of undergraduate studies. Applications and enrollment have been steadily rising since the program’s creation in 2003, when there were 12 writing concentrators. Currently, 20 students are enrolled.


  • Anonymous

    will you still have to be an English major to get in to the writing concentration?

  • confused

    what exactly is going on, then?

  • Bio Alum

    Admissions? For a major concentration? Really? Anyone at Yale should be able to major in and specialize in whatever they want.

    I've never heard of this before, and I'm not very happy about it.

  • @Bio alum

    It's fair. You can still be an English major, and you can still take all the creative writing classes you want. What you apply for, essentially, is an extra senior project under direct tutelage from established novelists/playwrights/what have you. Given that all this happens on top of the usual reqs, it seems appropriate only a select few are allowed.

  • Anonymous

    #3- Seriously? It's pretty common at Yale to have majors be selective. EP&E and Cog Sci are entire majors that only admit certain people. You don't have to be happy about it, but it's a little surprising that you're an alum and you don't know about this.

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