Thomas ’12 wins runoff

Adam Thomas ’12 was elected next year’s Yale College Council treasurer in a closely contested runoff election Thursday, earning 51 percent of the student vote.

Thomas received just 23 more votes than his opponent, Colin Adamo ’10. Although Adamo initially won 40.6 percent of the vote in the three-candidate field, the YCC election committee called for a runoff to decide the winner because Adamo defeated Thomas by a margin of less than 5 percent.

Adam Thomas ’12
Victor Alquicira
Adam Thomas ’12

Reached early Friday morning, Thomas expressed excitement about his win. Thomas, who served as chair of the Freshman Class Council this year, ran for treasurer on a platform of dedication to the mission of the YCC and passion for Yale’s student body.

In the day leading up to Thursday’s runoff election, Adamo announced his support for Thomas in a statement to the News.

There were 1082 votes cast. Thomas received 544 votes, Adamo received 521 and there were 17 abstentions.


  • Anonymous

    What a tragedy. I was inspired by Adamo's campaign. Look at Adam Thomas's photo: the guy is clearly a career politician.

  • Yale '12

    Why were there any abstentions? There was only one office on the ballot!

  • yalesnark

    Wow, what a picture! Excuse me, how old is this Wu? I'm sure he's a great guy, but he looks like some sort of laughing lunatic calling to ask for a date from Britney Spears or some other adolescent freakjob. I mean this in the best way, but it's only a useless Yale presidency, so take a cold shower already!

  • Five percentage points.

  • Yale '12

    Have you met Adam Thomas!? He is the last thing from a politician!

  • yale '12

    As if Wu, Williams and Cheung were not enough for a talentless board, Thomas joined the parody of the YCC!
    At least, they match.

  • @ Yale'12


  • nooooooo


    tragic, especially that it was so close.

  • Anonymous

    I went to the YCC website yesterday on and I couldn't find the the link to vote! The YCC scammed this election! I demand another election, in which students actually get to vote.

  • Honest

    YCC is such a tired joke. A candidate who endorsed the other one only lost by 23 votes.

  • another yale '12

    @ post # 1…it IS an unfortunate picture, but I suggest you get to know Adam before you judge. anyone who's ever met Adam for even five minutes would know that your statement is patently false, since he's one of the most genuine people at yale.

  • Veritas

    @ #1 - You were "inspired" by Adamo's campaign? Sure, it was funny, but that's about it.

    @ #3 - Thank you. That bothers me, too. If it was 5%, Adamo would be Treasurer now.

    @ #5 - What's new? Of this year's YCC, only Tao and Schofield were standouts.

    @ #6 - Surprise, surprise; the only person to run who wasn't a "politician" was Adamo, and that's because HE WAS FORCED to do so. Adam is a good kid, and he has good intentions. If you don't like the people on the YCC or what it's doing, run yourself.

  • poster #1

    I was being sarcastic in my earlier post. Lol.

  • Veritas

    @ #12 - About the career politician part, too?

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