YCC candidate busted for illegal table tents

As the polls for the Yale College Council Executive Board elections opened Monday, one candidate — Yanni Legmpelos ’12 — was cited for violating campaign regulations.

The YCC Elections Committee reprimanded Legmpelos, who is running for treasurer, for placing 20 unauthorized table tents in Commons. The table tents — which had not been stamped or numbered by members of the committee — must be taken down, the committee ruled Monday night.

“Although they were signed later that day, we talked it over and decided that the rules are very clear and posters need a signature to be put up,” committee co-chairman Samuel Hafer ’10 said. “So we’re issuing a reprimand to Yanni and he has to take down the offending posters.”

The committee also ruled that the News’ endorsements of the candidates cannot be posted on the YaleStation Web site because the paper did not officially send a representative to the YCC’s endorsement meeting last Thursday. (Although a News reporter attended the meeting, he was there only to observe.)

The committee also concluded that the absence of treasurer candidate Colin Adamo ’10 from mandatory election meetings should not disqualify him from the race. Hafer said Adamo’s excuses were legitimate, and dismissed claims that Adamo is a joke candidate.

Remarked Hafer: “As far as we know, his campaign is as serious as anyone else’s.”


  • Anonymous

    What in the world are table tents?

  • Anonymous

    Pieces of paper folded twice into triangular shapes that resemble tents. These are placed on tables in dining halls with advertisements and notices on their sides.

  • Anonymous

    Dear readers,

    I am the candidate that was "busted" for the "illegal" table tents.

    The facts cited in the article are surprisingly true and I feel the need to explain myself.

    The table tents were not illegal in any nature but the rule of them being signed (as every poster and table tent should) was not strictly followed by me.

    I had ordered the table tents last Saturday and I was about to receive them Monday morning and place them in Commons. I had communicated with the committee last Saturday about the signing of the tents but I did not hear back from them until early Monday, by the time which I had not had the time to read Hafer's response and proceeded in placing them.

    I had no intention on placing them illegally yet I did not want the committee's schedule to interfere with my campaign plans, which means, I had to chase them around campus to have the matter be taken care of.

    I am slightly disappointed at the committee's decision to punish me because it caused significant discomfort to me for the enforcement of the rule.

    I had to place them, then collect them to have them signed, then place them once again only to be ordered to discard them ultimately.

    I have to note that I have great respect for the committee members and the time they allocated in running this campaign and therefore, I complied with all the rules and I immediately executed their orders concerning this matter.

    I am sincerely shocked, though, at the publicity this violation took.
    Is anyone going to talk about the whole point of the campaign after all, or the candidates' ideas will wither, like my table tents?

    *Table tents are standing up triangle advertisement paper posters.

    Yanni Legmpelos

  • Ioannis L.

    Also, what is to stop candidate #1 from sabotaging candidate #2 by intentionally putting up unauthorized table tents that seemingly support candidate #2? Then ratting on candidate #2 for a campaign violation.

  • Anonymous

    good point at #4, but not mine!

    for the record of this thread, I, Yanni Legmpelos, wrote posts #3 and #5 (this one)

    In retrospect and as a final note in these threads, running a campaign, and maintaining a public face against all *these* faces of anonymous or pseudo-expert scrutiny and counter-publicity is a true ordeal that I would not recommend to future eager student leaders.
    Good luck to the people that won and best of luck to those that will decide to run next time -- they will need it.