YCC Vice President: Brian Levin ’11

In a race that will decide the future of the Yale College Council’s internal management, Brian Levin ’11 is counting on experience and dedication to win him the right to succeed two-term Vice President Emily Schofield ’09.

Levin said he hopes to leverage two years of experience in student government in order to make academic minors a part of the Yale curriculum and give students the option of gender-neutral housing, among other proposals.

Brian Levin
Victor Alquicira
Brian Levin

Levin said he is counting on his demonstrated commitment to the work of the YCC to win over voters.

“I’m not one of those guys that joins a lot of groups,” Levin said. “I really made YCC my priority this year working on things like gender-neutral housing, discussion-section reform and academic minors.”

Levin stumbled across what would become his main work this year — a 30-page proposal to institute academic minors — by going door-to-door in Silliman College, soliciting feedback from his constituents. Levin spent many long nights in Au Bon Pain working on that report, Morse YCC Representative Hannah Kieschnick ’11 said.

“He doesn’t join just to join,” Kieschnick said. “[YCC] is his passion and his main activity.”

Levin said that commitment to policy sets him apart from opponent Abigail Cheung ’11. While Cheung has worked on initiatives with Levin, he said, “I’ve led them all.”

Cheung said her background offers a holistic combination of experience in issues and events-planning. In the latter, Cheung said, she distinguishes herself from Levin.

“I’ve also been involved in other project groups and Brian’s only involved in one right now,” Cheung said. “The second one [first being academic minors] I’m involved in is completely events-based.”

Levin said his work with last year’s Harry Potter dance and this year’s Unity Ball show his aptitude for event-planning.

When Levin is not working to reform discussion sections, broaden student coalitions or institute academic minors, Levin can often be found impersonating celebrities, listening to T-Payne or Bob Marley, or drinking a grande peppermint hot chocolate from Starbucks.

“He was never just another member in the group, but took the initiative,” Ezra Stiles YCC Representative Vidur Sehgal ’10 said.

Levin said he believes that next year the YCC should increase transparency, ensure a smooth merger with YSAC and rally more student involvement for ad-hoc committees like this year’s Student Dean Search and New Residential College Advisory committees, both bodies on which Levin served.

“[These] committees showed me that there are so many students not in YCC that are genuinely interested in these issues,” Levin said. “The more students involved, the more the work is strengthened, and the administration is more compelled to listen.”

Open communication and leadership is not new to Levin, said his mother, Susan Levinson, who first saw her son as a “natural born leader” while he was attending middle school in Chicago.

“I just wish I could vote for him,” Levinson said.


  • S'11

    B-Lev for VP!

  • Anonymous

    In his video statement, Levin claims that he "spearheaded the initiative on gender-neutral housing." I'm pretty sure the work on the issue was spearheaded by other YCC reps before Levin was even on the council. At least the other candidate isn't making these bold-faced lies and falsely credit-claiming.

  • GNH YCC Rep

    I'm currently working on YCC's GNH push with Brian and I can say that he has been involved from step one this year. While no one individual is at the front of this charge, he has come to every meeting, contributed invaluable research concerning previous court cases on GNH and co-ed living, and brainstormed with various student groups on how to best approach this timely and important issue. While the other candidate has expressed interest in GNH, she has yet to join this effort.

    As many of you know, Dean Miller has formed a task force, composed of Dean Meeske and Dean Gentry, to gather more information on GNH at Yale. Only a handful of students will have actual contact with this task force and Brian is one of them.

    Brian is very passionate about gender-neutral housiong and his efforts thus far have underscored this desire to bring it campus.

  • @ #2

    The fact of the matter is that Levin leads the inter-ycc group this year in creating a proposal.

    And he more clearly spearheads the Academic Minors initiative, beyond all doubts.

    In policy advocacy, just do not mess with Brian.
    He is a fierce, yet personable, advocator that will bring results and will help lead the Council more effectively next year.

    Unequivocal hail to his work this year,
    wholehearted blessing for his campaign this week.

    Go Brian!

  • @ Readers

    I love this! As a person who has been close friends with Brian, I have to say that this is the most accurate portrayal of him. Nami got it down perfectly; Levin is deeply committed to the YCC issues and this is his MAIN activity.

  • YIRA Member

    Maybe he's done a good job for YCC, but in many other context, Levin is synonymous for poor work, poor work ethic, and quitting.

    That's not what I want in a YCC vp.