Letter: Yale wireless needs fixing immediately

I write regarding the quality of wireless Internet access on Yale’s campus this academic year. It has been my experience, and that of countless others, that such internet access has been slower and more inconsistent than in past years. At times, in fact, wireless access has been downright unavailable.

In the last two weeks, I have spent an enormously frustrating amount of time all around campus repeatedly trying to connect to one of Yale’s three wireless networks without success. Even when I’ve been able to connect, it has often been my experience that I will lose my connection within five or 10 minutes. This, of course, creates an enormous inconvenience not only for such activities as checking e-mail, but also for accessing course materials online that are necessary for homework assignments and studying.

It has come to my attention that student techs have repeatedly made Information Technology Services aware of this problem, yet there has been no improvement in the quality of wireless access. At an academic institution like Yale, it is simply outrageous that wireless connectivity be so unreliable. I encourage the News to explore this matter, and I ask other students to continue to bring this problem to ITS’ attention.

Tomas Rua

The writer is a junior in Trumbull College.


  • Y '10

    Word. Yale Wireless is far worse, in my experience, than Michigan State University wireless. How is that acceptable?

  • anon

    I second this. And I too have noticed the problem significantly more this past year. ITS needs to set up a good system to report problems/locations. Or they could just take the initiative and go around campus and solve the problem themselves.

  • Anonymous

    so say we all

  • Wireless Sufferer

    Amen, brother.

  • 09yalie

    so true. i'm glad someone's speaking out on this issue.

  • concerned parent

    I think it is outrageous that wireless access is not near perfect on campus, particularly when classwork must be accessed on the internet. Surely, someone at Yale can fix this problem!

  • Josh

    Thanks for finally bringing attention to this - at first I thought it was my computer, but after several months of problems and hearing similar stories from all of my friends I've realized it's actually the network.

    Please please please fix this Yale..

  • Yale 10

    For two years, one in Swing Space, one in Silliman — I never once used a wired connection. Yale's wireless (at least in renovated buildings) was basically perfect.

    Since the beginning of this year it has got steadily worse. I can't use it Silliman in my suite or in the buttery or in the dining hall sometimes. And this is yale wireless, Yale WPA, Yale WPA2 — all three. Please, fix it before next fall!

  • y10

    Amen. I'm effing sick of Yale wireless being absurdly slow.

  • .

    "At an academic institution like Yale, it is simply outrageous that wireless connectivity be so unreliable."

    Not only is he right about the wireless, but he can use the subjunctive. Be still, my heart!

  • asdf

    we should get wimax

  • Yale '09

    Wireless has gotten significantly worse since the introduction of new routers at the beginning of this school year, and it wasn't great before. I've sat in SSS 114 and the Law School Auditorium (two huge lectures) and not been able to get wireless. Even when I can, it's often slow. I frequently can't get an IP from WPA or WPA2 and have to use the insecure yale wireless, which isn't good. I've told Yale ITS about this several times and they ask for specific routers and times, not realizing that this is a systemic problem. Oh well, I'll be gone in a month.

  • Anonymous

    yeah man, it's absurd that wifi can be this horrible at a university

  • 12

    I completely agree. And why isn't there any on Old Campus dorms? It's absurd.

  • Anonymous

    Are people referring in comparison to last year? Or are people complaining about how the brand new, just added, wireless, might be problematic. (Not that we ever have to tweak new things.)

  • So True!!!!!

    (my name says it all)

  • yalie10

    I completely agree. The wireless is terrible and I can't even remember how many times I've just thrown up my hands in frustration since the wireless keeps going out every 5 minutes. This is truly absurd.

  • Bulldog

    Seriously, I mean I was willing to be patient for a while, but the problem just isn't working itself out…please fix this, Yale!

  • Out of hand

    I've noticed it seems to effect Macs more than PC's if that helps anyone in ITS.

    And someone should definitely write in again considering this much mass support. Or a petition or something. For serious.

  • Yale ITS

    Dear Numnuts,

    You all posted this using yale wireless.


    Yale ITS

  • please fix wireless

    Whenever I have to watch a video/movie on the internet for a class, I have to go off campus to get a decent connection.

  • Anonymous


  • yale

    Completely agree. It's a joke that they haven't fixed this by now.

  • Bulldog

    Dear Yale ITS,

    The point is not that yale wireless doesn't work period, it's that it's highly inconsistent. And for your information, my above post was made using an ethernet cable because I could not actually connect to the internet through wireless. Maybe instead of calling people "numnuts" when it's obvious by the consistency of the above comments that there's an immense problem with wireless, you could devote your efforts more constructively towards trying to address this problem.

  • #10

    Actually, #20, the wireless in my suite was always so bad that I had a CA install my own wireless router for me, connected to my bedroom's ethernet jack. It gives me no problems. It's pretty silly that I had to do this, considering I have one of Yale's routers in my common room.

  • Dear Bulldog

    Unfortunately "Yale ITS" is just a troll. If the real Yale ITS was actually on the YDN site, they'd realize what a disaster they have in yale wirless, and they'd fix it! Please!

  • Yale 2011

    Agreed! The inconsistency of wireless access in Bass library is especially aggravating.

  • Anonymous

    I'm literally sitting in the middle of Sterling Library right now, and I've been unable to get a wireless signal for 30 minutes. I can also see that people around me are having similar problems. You're right, this is just absurd.

  • James

    To the disgruntled Yalies;

    I am a student whose hometown is in Connecticut, but I attend a large Research 1 University in the Southeast. We were having terrible, terrible wireless problems… absolutely abysmal service. Our Info. Service denied the problem.

    For three years.

    It's being fixed. It really is only being fixed after our provider came to campus and tells Info. Services that the infrastructure is wildly "broken."

    Best of luck!

  • roflcopter

    preach it, brutha.

    /posted from my ethernet.

  • Sad one

    I just want to be able to open the computer, check my email, and go on with life. But no. I must sit with the computer, perhaps plug it in, wait around, do a wireless dance, and then maybe see the bar go from "scanning" to "connected."

  • CaliAlly

    AGREED!!!! The wireless on the med campus has steadily decreased this year to a snail's pace. I thought it was my computer, but it clearly is not.