Briefly: Univ. denies possessing Geronimo’s remains

The University spoke out for the first time Thursday about a lawsuit against Yale and secret society Skull and Bones that seeks to recover the remains of Apache chieftain Geronimo. University spokesman Tom Conroy denied the University was in possession of Geronimo’s remains but said the University “cannot speak for Skull and Bones, and does not have access to its premises.” Twenty lineal descendants of Geronimo filed the suit last month on the 100th anniversary of Geronimo’s death, naming Skull and Bones a defendant because of lingering rumors that members of the society unearthed Geronimo’s remains from his Fort Sill, Okla., burial site in 1918 or 1919. Representatives from the Russell Trust Association, Skull and Bones’ corporate parent, said they had no formal knowledge of the suit Wednesday.


  • Rob '69

    It says much about this suit that it's being filed by Ramsey Clark, who gives new meaning to the term "loose cannon."

  • Recent Alum

    Good point Rob '69.

  • T.R

    Great, But I thought the Head was in the closet with Oswalds address book, and the World Trade Center implosion manuals

  • goodeyeclosed

    Well, it seems as though Geronimo's remains are, indeed, missing. Whomever has knowledge of that event [if anyone] and who remains in silence is committing a heinous crime.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe an honest member of skull & bones could speak up & restore a little dignity for our Native American people.