Cross Campus: 03.04.09

The LGBT co-op kicked off its protest of the administration’s decision not to allow gender-neutral housing for this housing cycle last with an all-night campout on Cross Campus. Rene Bystron ’11 wrote in an e-mail that the protestors would be “passing out flyers and educational materials about what gender neutral housing is, why it is important, and what you can do about it.”

Master Krauss sent an angry e-mail to the students of Silliman College yesterday following Monday night’s attempted snowball fight in the Timothy Dwight courtyard. The message asked that Sillimanders “form a clean-up posse immediately, go over to TD, apologize to Master T, and clean up the courtyard.”

Yellow caution tape prevented students from getting too close to Beinecke Library, where spears of ice clung to the ledges of the building yesterday. But a sign nearby revealed that the roped-off area was not a crime scene: “Caution snow and ice melting and falling from sides of building,” it read.

Today marks the 100th anniversary of The Yale Club of New Haven. The event will be celebrated in style at the New Haven Lawn Club, where the Whiffenpoofs will serenade guests; President Levin will serve as the guest of honor.

Kevin Washburn LAW ’93 was selected to be the new dean of the University of New Mexico’s Law School yesterday. A member of the Chickasaw nation of Oklahoma, Washburn will be the first American Indian dean of the University of New Mexico Law School.

Sweet research. A study performed by researchers at the School of Medicine reveals that mice that consumed diets full of high-fructose corn syrup were protected from insulin resistance, a symptom of type II diabetes, when a particular gene was “knocked down” in the animals’ liver and fat tissue.

Commons, divided. Students from the Arab Students’ Association sold T-shirts in Commons today to benefit a relief agency for Palestinian refugees, while directly across the room another student handed out flyers advertising trips to Israel for under $500.

“Bridging Waters,” a student-made documentary on the construction of the first peace park in the Middle East, debuted last night at the Slifka Center. Said co-creator Sofy Solomon ’09, “I hope that this film will shed light on the immense amount of hope that is still present among many of the people in the region.”

This day in Yale history

1983 The Yale men’s hockey team defeated Dartmouth 9-0 to secure a spot in the ECAC playoffs. It was the first time the Elis had qualified for the tournament since the 1978-’79 season.

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  • BR10

    Silliman's dean or master or whatever needs to CTFD. It's just a snowball fight.

  • Rachel Schiff

    Just to clarify: the Protest was actually coordinated by the Yale Students for Housing Equality a coalition of students from all over the campus. While the LGBT coop had a lot of its members involved in the coalition, and supported the protest, it was technically not the group that hosted it.

  • Commons, divided??

    The blurb on "Commons, divided" is exactly the sort of ignorant attitude holding back any chance of Middle East peace. Why exactly do groups promoting relief for Palestinian refugees and trips to Israel strike the author as so conflicting to warrant such "divisive" spin? I know plenty of people, myself included, who support Israel AND the rights of Palestinians.

  • Goldie '08

    Silliman's Master K is the worst master at Yale. She once sent an "angry email" to the entire college condemning beer pong, saying it would never help anyone achieve anything worthwile in life.

    2 Yale grads at my firm were offered very good jobs after they teamed up to beat the CEO in beer pong during the interview weekend - he tells the story every year saying it is "the only reason he hired them"

    Master K is biased against athletes, drinking, parties, entertaining masters tea guests, feminine haircuts and general fun. Now she is biased against winter precipitation.

  • SM '09

    Goldie '08, you're right about the one email, but wrong about everything else:

    Athletes - then why has Silliman won the Tyng Cup the last 3 years?
    Drinking/parties - senior happy hours, Halloween party every year
    Master's Teas - Denzel Washington, anyone?

    And your CEO spends time with interviewees playing beer pong (not to mention losing)? No wonder the economy has gone down the tubes.