Briefly: For debt, New Haven earns passing grade

Fitch Ratings assigned a grade of A- to New Haven debt last week, the same rating assigned last year before the economic crisis took hold. While the city is facing a tough budget year and is suffering form rising unemployment, Fitch credited Yale and the Yale-New Haven Hospital for providing a stable economic foundation. The A- rating is a result of the $45 million in 2009 General Obligation bonds to be issued later this week, as well as for the $503 million in outstanding General Obligation debt.


  • TC03

    I’m a little surprised that the administration is so shocked by all of this. DKE were a bunch of vulgar jerks when I was at Yale and they’re still a bunch of vulgar jerks. Their behavior, on an individual as well as a group level, has always been embarrassing. The “incident” is just one highly visible (audible?) manifestation of that. How deep in the sand were the administration’s heads buried until now that they’re treating this as some sort of aberration? Do they not realize that members of an organization based on alcohol and sex are going to behave badly? Stuff like this happens because they let it — because for too long they have tacitly condoned jerks being jerks.