Briefly: Connecticut senators visit White House

Connecticut congressmen on Monday attended the White House summit on fiscal responsibility, hosted by President Barack Obama. Sens. Chris Dodd and Joseph Lieberman ’64 LAW ’67 attended the series of meetings meant to discuss major policy issues, including health care and the federal budget. In press statements, both senators heralded the administration’s willingness to deal with hot-button issues — particularly entitlement programs and health-care reform.


  • hvqseattle

    Dear Laura – ¡Bravo! Your eloquence makes your indignation come across as injury we should all try to remedy. I too have learned here to be a part of a inexistent entity called Puerto Rico. I have become accustomed to the fact that most Americans do not know anything about Puerto Rico. Yet, you are right in not despairing. You are doing the right thing by letting some folks know about the really abominable actions the government of Puerto Rico has been carrying out against the University of Puerto Rico, its students and professors. Your assessment seems fair to me except for a minor quibble. Less generous than you, I am inclined to believe that Governor Fortuño and his team are fully aware that taking down the UPR makes them stronger. A nation of slaves is easier to rule.
    Here’s to hope. Here’s to the failure of repression. Here’s to all the good people of our homeland standing together to defend the University of Puerto Rico, the students, and justice.