Briefly: 25-year-old shot in city’s fourth homicide this year

New Haven resident Dewayne Redd, 25, was fatally shot at 4 p.m. Friday while sitting in his car approximately three blocks from the Yale Bowl, City Hall spokeswoman Jessica Mayorga said. Redd, the fourth homicide victim of the year, was shot multiple times in the head in a parking lot at the intersection of Norton Street and Derby Avenue by a lone gunman who walked up to the driver’s side of the vehicle, she said in a press release. The New Haven Register said Redd was arrested last October in connection with an armed street robbery and had been out on bail when he was shot. The Register also said Redd was shot last October.


  • Boondock Saints

    So, do we ever produce statistics that clearly indicate how much violence in our cities is criminal-on-criminal, versus lumping all of the numbers together?

    If this youthful violator had been 17 years old, would he be referred to as a "child" used by groups such as Cease Fire and the Brady Campaign to touch the hearts of molly-coddling liberals across the nation?

    Violence is wrong, but events like this need to be properly reported, so that they cannot be used as further ammunition to abridge the rights of LAWFUL citizens.