Letter: An absurd suggestion

Re: “Briefly: New bill aims to cap executives’ salaries at $150K,” Feb. 4. When numerous 1st-year law school graduates are making $200,000, to attempt to limit the compensation of the chief executive of a major company to $300,000 is patently absurd. $10.5 million may well be excessive, but so is the response of Connecticut Attorney General Richard Blumenthal LAW’73.

Thomas E. Weil

Feb. 4

Woodbridge, Conn.

The writer is a 1970 graduate of Berkeley College.


  • y07

    Weil is misinformed. Market biglaw salaries, even in NYC, haven't been more than 165k, and the economy is likely to make even that go haywire. Furthermore, the number of 1st-year attorneys that actually get that NYC biglaw associate position is relatively very small. Weil is completely misinformed.

  • Recent Alum

    #1, the author is not mistaken. Market biglaw compensation for first years, including bonus, was about $200K in 2007. Even with the reduction in bonuses at most firms in 2008, it was still the case that "numerous 1st-year law school graduates" made $200K in 2008, though the norm then was closer to $180K at most large law firms.

  • Yale 09

    Any Yale Law graduate can get a BigLaw job making $200k.