Briefly: Officer sentenced for patronizing prostitute while off duty

A New Haven Police Department officer who was caught with a prostitute in his car in September was sentenced to a special form of probation that will last one year. If the officer, Sam Streater, completes the accelerated rehabilitation program without getting in trouble, his criminal record will be cleared. Supervisory State’s Attorney David Strollo told the New Haven Register Monday that Streater was not given any special treatment and that this type of program is common for first-time offenders. As a result of the incident, in November Streater was suspended without pay for two weeks. The Register reported that the police union has filed a grievance, saying that because Streater was off duty at the time of the incident he should not have been suspended.


  • Bzzzt!

    "Accelerated rehab?"

    Do they show him a nudie pic then poke him in the badoobies with a cattle prod ("Don't TAZE me bro'!")?

  • Hmmm . . .

    Maybe he didn't do it. His only crime was to valet his car and the valet company rented the cars out to prostitutes.

  • What???

    Two week suspension?? He didn't get fired for this?!?!

  • Rose

    I always thought cops were to be held in a place of trust and service, its disgusting on one hand they upheld the law and if they get caught oh well their human too. I think there should a high turnover of officers the same as call centers, keep weeding out the bad ones.