Early morning shots fired near campus

At approximately 2:00 a.m. early Saturday morning, shots were fired near the intersection of High and Crown streets according to a press release from City Hall spokeswoman Jessica Mayorga. One man – a non-student – was injured.

Although the shooting did not occur on campus, more than 100 Yale undergraduates live in off-campus housing located within a block of the shooting. Many more Yale students were in the area early Saturday morning attending parties at apartments and fraternities located along High Street, which are less than a block away from on-campus properties.

Based on an initial investigation, police said they believe the victim was an innocent bystander who was shot as a nearby robbery attempt went awry. The suspect approached a male from Bridgeport and tried to rob him, Mayorga said. The male from Bridgeport fled and the suspect fired a handgun, aiming for the man he was trying to rob.

He missed and hit the unintended victim, a male in his late twenties, who is neither a student nor someone affiliated with the University, police said. According to the press release, the victim was shot in the leg, and the injury was non-life threatening.

A Yale senior who was walking back to his room on High Street at the time of the shooting said he saw a man in a car yelling profanity out the window. Someone got out of the passenger side of the car, he said, and started shooting. The senior said he ducked into an alley and watched as the car sped off.

The police arrived “within seconds,” he said.

By 2:30 a.m. High Street was unusually quiet for a weekend evening. The street was closed to cars, as yellow crime-scene tape was draped across High Street by Crown Street and half-way down the block.

The incident near campus was not the only shooting that occurred in the city last night. Less than a half-hour after this shooting, a New Haven resident in his early twenties was fatally shot near Water and Brown Street, Mayorga said.

It was the city’s first homicide of 2009.

The suspect in this incident fled the scene in a dark colored vehicle.

Police are asking that anyone with information on either of these two incidents contact the New Haven Police Department.


  • Anonymous

    This is beyond horrifying - so many students live RIGHT near that area. I cannot wait to get out of New Haven.

  • jaime

    wtf new haven?

    get me out of here. now.

  • rog

    new haven would be a nice little college town if it weren't for the crime. the crime makes it basically intolerable.

  • Yale 10

    No outrage? Just a desire to run away? Yes, our society is good and just, everything is Polly Anna — as long as we lock up the necessary evils in our cities …

  • jaime

    @yale 10:

    yes, there's outrage. yes, we want the cities to be safe for everyone, but just ourselves.

    but at a certain point you have to look out for yourself at the expense of helping others. this city is too big and too full of problems for me to change much personally. and not being from here, i feel no particular attachment to it besides that it has been mostly a good place to go to college. so, yes, i think the instinct to run and get the heck out of here is justified. the people who care about this city should deal with the city's problems and not give the rest of us a guilt trip about it.

  • jaime

    oops, i mean "not just for ourselves"

  • Apples to Apples


    How does NH's crime rate compare to cities with similar demographics?

  • Je n'aime pas

    nice slip there.

    It just makes me sad to see other Yale people take this "get me outta here" attitude.

    We're all in this together.

  • Anonymous

    Eh. Crime is always a problem in large cities; it's one of the risks you take in living in one.

  • jaime

    crime is way worse here than in NYC or LA. i would guess we're comparable to detroit…

    i would love it if new haven were safer. then i wouldn't have this get me outta here attitude. but the city is a big place and i don't have the power to change it by myself. at some point, people need to take responsibility for themselves. i can't pretend to be able to solve everyone's problems for them.

  • Yale2010

    If you look up the security reports from other universities in larger cities you will see that the crime rates are MUCH LOWER in some cases.

    For example, University of Pittsburgh reported 5-10 times less crimes than Yale did. (They break it up by category: rape, burglaries, muggings, etc.)

  • pete

    1 out of every 700 new haven residents were shot in 2007.

    none of them were yalies, but still, it means we live in a dangerous place.

    also i think there was at least one shooting of a yale student in 2008…if i remember correctly. there was definitely a few stabbings.

  • '10

    Rates for violent crime and property crime are much worse in New Haven than they are in New York City.


  • Ludacris

    "crime is way worse here than in NYC or LA. i would guess we're comparable to detroit…"

    This is exactly the kind of hyperbole that helps no one.

  • p


    I don't think it's considered 'hyperbole' when it's true…

    Although you may be correct in so far as mentioning how bad our crime is may be counterproductive because it will make people afraid to come here.

  • 2010

    That may seem like hyperbole, but per capita, I would bet a million dollars that crime is higher here than in NYC. I'm from NYC and very rarely have felt unsafe walking around there at night, whereas I usually am very much afraid to walk around here.

  • '10

    Actually #10 jaime was correct in asserting that - crimewise - "we're comparable to detroit."

    It sees that New Haven and Detroit ARE exactly equal with respect to the rates of violent crime and property crime:


  • detroit?!?

    Wow, you live a pretty sheltered life if you seriously imagine New Haven is anything like Detroit.

    Get a grip.

  • alum

    New Haven is one of the safest cities in the United States.

    You aren't comparing apples to apples. Read about the differences between metropolitan areas and municipality boundaries, and why the latter are not comparable.

  • Ludacris


    Love the methodology and documentation on the link you post in support of your claim.

  • Trumbull 08

    I'm inclined to say that if someone living in NYC or Detroit received an email every time a theft, attempted robbery, or violent crime were to take place within a 10 mile radius of where he or she was living, their entire inbox would fill up in a few weeks.

    Perotti assures me this is not the case in NH yet. =P

    Yes, New Haven isn't the safest city. But the school does have the security measures in place to prevent students from falling into these situations. The fact that they are massively underused is another matter altogether. And I think a lot of the community initiatives we lead are making a difference with the new generation in New Haven, or at least I'd like to think so.

    In the mean time, those of you wishing you could get out of New Haven, as a recent grad I'll go ahead and tell you that about three months out of there you'll think of nothing more than to go back. (hearts to yale!!)

  • recently accepted pre-frosh

    i was just recently accepted to yale… would you recommend that i go there? how much of an impact do you think this type of crime has on campus living?

  • rollin deep

    that's why I always roll deep and pack heat.

  • Alum


    I wouldn't worry about it. These people are making it sound much worse than it is. Ask if any of them have been a victim of crime while attending Yale. My guess is they haven't. If you live on campus, which is a large portion of the city, you don't have much to worry about. Some people just like to have something to complain about…

  • to #22

    Come to Bulldog Days and see how you like it. As for the crime, it doesn't really have an impact at all, unless you live off-campus. Then you think about it from time to time, but even then you still don't really care that much.

  • cartman


  • rwparker

    First: Thanks for posting even a smattering of the YPMB show. Which, after all, is the only reason to go to The Game.

    Second: Dudes… YPMB is meant to be seen from the STANDS. Charming as it may be from the field. You’d think your videographers went to Harvard.

    Well, thanks anyway.

    Robert Parker SY ’82 YSM ’85
    YPMB all the way, and proud of it