Letter: Mory’s new fare?

In response to the Jan. 12 article “Mory’s: the end of an era?,” perhaps the time is right to “un-club” Mory’s and make it into an English pub open to all. Think how great it would be for everyone to enjoy Mory’s, going in and having a Plowman’s lunch or Welsh Rarebit and a pint.

If many of the original colleges at Yale were designed after those at Cambridge and Oxford, perhaps Mory’s could take a page out of that same book and become an English pub for all to enjoy.

Nancy Alderman

North Haven, Conn., Jan. 12

The writer graduated from Yale College in 1994 and from the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies in 1997.


  • goldie '08

    I support this idea

  • Anonymous

    I am writing in response to the two recent articles about the closing of Mory’s in the Daily News. I have worked at Mory’s for nineteen years as a cook. It is a great place to work. My coworkers and I have built our lives there, sharing them with the members. I am proud to work for an iconic New Haven establishment, and of being part of the Mory’s community. The members always greet me kindly when they pass me on the way in or out of Mory’s, which makes me feel good about myself, and makes me want to do a good job cooking for them.
    When the Mory’s Board told us last December that the club was in financial trouble, we voted to freeze our pensions, which they told us would save them about $100,000. Earlier this month all of us received a letter from COBRA stating that we had lost our health care, and that we could extend it for $545 a month. In this economy alone, we could not afford it. Now that we are all laid off and waiting for Mory’s to reopen, it is even less imaginable. As a shop steward, but more importantly as a friend to my coworkers, I know I speak for everyone when I say that we need Mory’s to extend our health care until we come back to work. Among the many expenses that Mory’s is considering, there is none more important than ensuring the health and wellbeing of the workers. We want to be ready to come back to work as soon as possible to see our coworkers and the members, and to see Mory’s cat.