Interact: Submit questions for Tony Blair

Thank you for your questions. Visit later Thursday for an Online Exclusive about Tony Blair’s last visit to Yale this year.

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Professor Tony Blair strides down the Law School steps after teaching his seminar in October.
Eva Galvan
Professor Tony Blair strides down the Law School steps after teaching his seminar in October.

All readers are invited to submit questions — anything goes — for former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Simply post your questions to this comment thread by 10 a.m. Thursday. The News will interview the former prime minister later in the day.


  • Alum

    Looking at the current economic crisis, what measure do you wish you could have taken as PM to help aliviate the stress on the financial sector in Britain? What measures do you recommend now?

  • Uy Hoang

    Given President-Elect Obama's emphasis on health care as a core theme for his forthcoming presidency, what would be some of the key insights that you would offer to Mr Obama given your experience with the universal health care system in the UK.

  • former Yale lecturer

    Prime Minister, do you regret your apparent deference to George W. Bush which led you to follow him into the quagmire of Iraq, despite your own far superior experience, abilities and intelligence?

  • Alum

    Do you think the vision in the Bible of the destruction of the Earth requires fundamental Christians to oppose corrective environmental measures?

  • Kathleen

    Some critics suggested that Envoy to the Middle East Peace Process requires full time attention - given your involvement in all other global initiatives, how do you plan to push forward the process with the incoming Obama admistration?

  • br '11

    Prime Minister, what is your reaction to the election of Obama, and what advice would you offer him at this pivotal point in history?

  • Nick

    As chief Middle East Envoy, what effects do you foresee the financial and economic crises as having upon your work in Israel and Palestine?

  • Anonymous


    How does the tension between faith and globalisation today mirror that which existed in the time of the geonim?

    NKW & PEN

  • BR'10

    Given the climate of unrest in the Middle East, do you wear boxers or briefs.

  • Anonymous

    Is George Bush really as bad as Obama and the media would have us believe?

  • Adam

    Aside from the current financial crisis, what do you feel is the chief challenge the world faces today?

  • Anonymous

    great piece - something i actually read through

  • Adam

    Under what context should the U.S. and Great Britain facilitate a full combat troop withdrawal from Iraq? Should there be a timetable or should we wait until all specific checkpoints have been met?

    What is your greatest regret of your tenure as Prime Minister?

  • Anonymous

    Prime Minister, do you in any way regret making Britain's interests subservient to America's, given that Hugh Grant portrayed a much stronger Prime Minister in your nation's masterpiece, Love Actually?

  • Ava

    Do you think Conflicts between Israel and Palestine is solvable?

  • Alum with too much time

    Fish OR chips? Explain.

  • Anonymous

    Are you too tall to consider yourself "elfin"?

  • Alum

    Do you have any regrets about your time spent in office?

  • Recent Alum

    The person who wrote Comment #3 is a hack who is more interested in babling about his silly opinion than asking a question.

  • Recent Alum

    #13: Why ask a question that has such a ridiculous premise that neither the Prime Minister nor any reasonable person would agree with? The Prime Minister never made Britain "subservient" to the United States; every democratic country benefits from defeating terrorism.

  • Alum

    How have you handled the negative press and bad approval ratings with concerns to the decisions leading up to the Iraq war? How have these affected you professionally? How have these affected your personal life?

  • Alum '81

    Thank you for your support and your country's support of America during challenging times, past and present. How can Europe best deal with the rapid Islamization which is now occurring through immigration and high birth rates among immigrants? How better to integrate these populations into the culture without radically changing the culture of the EU?

  • Roger Glienke

    Prime Minister, I understand you prefer Beatles to Rolling Stones, but I ask you:
    Clapton or Hendrix?

  • Anonymous

    How much can you squat?

    Will the dollar overtake the Pound?

    Should the US annex Canada and get its Maple syrup reserves? (isn't that what the flag is all about)

    American football or rugby?

    Scones or cookies?

    Do you still take afternoon teas?

  • Anonymous

    #18,19 (I assume you are the same individual):

    Having been skewered by your verbal riposte, I must admit defeat. My comments, ill formed as they were, detracted from the gravity and good sense of this most serious discussion regarding American foreign policy in the Middle East.

    It's good to see four years of Yale have not drained you of your incredible intellect as it has your attention to wit and humour.