Briefly: At QPac, hate crime victim expelled for hate crime

Harold Washington, 18, a black freshman basketball player at Quinnipiac University who only last month was the victim of a race-driven hate crime, has been charged for harassing another victim of the same crime. A communications major, Washington was alleged to have used the online social network Facebook to make threatening, racial comments to the victim, whose name has been withheld from the public, Hamden police Capt. Ronald Smith told the New Haven Register over the weekend. Washington has since been expelled from the school and has been charged with numerous hate crime-related criminal offenses.


  • Allan

    There should be no such things as hate crimes.

    If you harass someone and it's a crime, or you rob them or murder them or whatever it is, it should be the same crime and the same punishment regardless of the race or nationality or religion, etc. of the victim or the attacker, and regardless of the reason for the crime.

    It's the act that's illegal, not the thought behind it; if you think the same racist thoughts but don't act on them, there's no crime, so thinking those thoughts when you do commit a criminal act should not make it any more illegal than it already was.