Briefly: Brother of former alderman killed over $20

Rickey Greene — brother of former alderman and former candidate for mayor and state representative Willie Greene — was killed Tuesday in a fistfight over $20. Greene’s brother promised a man $20 in exchange for a ride to pick up a check. The check was not ready, however, so Rickey promised to pay the man back later. Monday afternoon, the man (who, the New Haven Independent reported, worked for Willie’s last campaign for state representative) got angry that Rickey had not yet paid him back. A fistfight broke out, and Rickey later died of his injuries. In an interview, Willie Greene said police caught the man, who not only confessed to striking Rickey Greene but also previously served 10 years in prison for manslaughter. As he prepared to bury his “baby brother,” Greene said he is “looking for justice to be served.”


  • Ray

    Downtown you have 3 cops mobbing u when you ride a bike in a fashion that is unfavorable to their ideal.
    In the neighborhoods crime is of the norm ,the response time in these areas are atrocious ,they literally drive the other way. Do what thou wilt here,but don't walk,drive,bike over there