Briefly: Aldermen amend law to ban sale of spray paint to minors

Two months after the Board of Aldermen approved a bill that bans the sale of spray paint to minors, the city is set to insert the last nail in the coffin of New Haven’s graffiti epidemic: A $50 fine will be placed upon anyone caught using spray paint on public property or selling spray paint to minors.

Though Yale has experienced its fair share of spray painting in the past year — three separate incidents of racist graffiti appeared on campus buildings since last November — Ward 14 Alderwoman Erin Sturgis-Pascale said the ordinance was more geared toward incidents of gang-related graffiti that have plagued Fair Haven and Westville in recent months.


  • debralombard

    As I was the sustainable design and LEED consultant on the Class of 1954 Chemistry Research Lab building at Yale University for The RETEC Group, I would like to comment that the majority of the sustainable design was due to the energy and water savings of the building. Yes low VOC materials were used and the site was carefully designed, but our team (The RETEC Group, RG Vanderweil MEP engineers, Cannon Design, BCJ Architects, Wm. Berry & Sons CM, Purcell Assoc., and Yale’s Chemistry, Energy and Planning departments) did so MANY innovative design features in this energy and water intensive laboratory building.
    We designed the building to use recycled water to flush all of the toilets and urinals- the City’s potable water is not used for that, nor is potable water used for landscape irrigation since we collect and use the AC condensate, which normally goes wasted down the drain, to water the landscape.
    This highly innovative chemistry Laboratory building was the first such building to receive the EPA’s Labs 21 (as in 21st century design) Award.
    ~ Debra Lombard, LEED AP, EIT, EMIT
    Sustainability Research & Consulting
    New Haven Green Drinks, Founder