Briefly: Funding for Elm City Resident ID Card approved for additional year

After a rocky first year, the Elm City Resident Card has received the OK for a second go-around.

The Board of Aldermen approved a $150,000 grant at Thursday night’s general aldermanic meeting that will allow the city to fund the New Haven Municipal Identification Program for a second year. In the 15 months since Major John DeStefano Jr. first introduced the Elm City Resident Card, the program has faced repeated legal challenges from the Community Watchdog Project, an organization that opposes illegal immigration.

“The Finance Committee heard from the public that they want to keep this program going,” said Ward 23 Alderman Yusuf Shah, Chair of the Finance Committee.


  • Jaws

    This is a disgrace. New Haven just laid off workers, and funding for homeless shelters this winter is in question. But they have $150,000 for this.

  • Of course right

    Yes, $150,000 … none of which is the city's money. Get the correct facts before you start making stuff up.