Briefly: Lawyers hired to watch over election

For Tuesday’s national elections, both the Republican and Democratic parties have pledged to flood polling stations — including those in New Haven — with lawyers. The parties have said the lawyers will ease the voting process and enforce regulations against fraud. Since the contentious 2000 elections, in which efforts by lawyers on both sides in Florida played a decisive role, political candidates have relied on lawyers to defend their interests at the polls. This year, the Obama campaign is mobilizing 6,000 lawyers in Florida alone. The numbers are not quite as large for Connecticut, however; Yale Law School officials estimate approximately 100.


  • joey

    WOW , has either State Rep candidates in the 96'th retained any Legal counsel ?that would be Willie Greene or Gary Holder-Winfield. And can we publicy name them (atty's) name all of them for that matter.
    The former Corporation Counsel of New Haven -Einhorn, was picking up the results from Wards a few years ago ,strong accusations of mispropriety was legitamately hurled in that direction.
    He picked them up alone and had access to the pollstations,or so they said,it was bad because of the conflict and being the only attorney handling the results was criminal in itself