Briefly: Yale professor mugged at gunpoint

Paul Bass ’82, the editor and founder of the online newspaper The New Haven Independent, was mugged Saturday night in the Westville neighborhood of the city. Bass, who is also a political science professor at Yale, wrote about the incident on the Independent. He said that as he was walking home from synagogue with his wife and a friend Saturday evening around 7 p.m., two boys dressed in black jumped out of the bushes holding a gun. The boys demanded money, but since it was the Sabbath, Bass said neither he nor his wife had any. After searching the group’s pockets, the boys rode off.


  • J.H.C.

    Glad Mr. & Mrs. Paul Bass are okay
    Imagine being so close to the mugger that you can see the WHITES of their eyes
    Were they like dulls eyes ? Like the eyes of that Shark ? what was the name of the big scary shark in Jawas ?

  • eli jale

    If someone had to get mugged, the perfect candidate was none other than the liberal, apologist for the oppressed criminal element Paul (sorry for being white) Bass. Glad he wasn't hurt, tho. Where was Rabbi Dan's Hebrew Highway Patrol?