What a way to start

After Columbia returned Tom Mante’s kickoff to the 18-yard line, Oluwale tossed a long pass down the field, which became Paul Rice’s team-leading fourth interception of the season. That is not the way you want to begin your first career The Bulldogs will begin their first drive on the 39-yard line.


  • tolbertm

    Being a machinist for nearly 14 years I know the dangers of operating machinery very well. Accidents happen on an everyday bases even with the precautionary measures taken. Over the past 2 years I have worked as metal shop technician for a university and have worked closely with students. During my time here I have found that shop safety courses for undergrads and grad students alike are very important for the well being of the students that work in the shops
    but the watchful eye of an experianced metal shop tech is ultimately the best line of precaution. I think what bothered me the most when reading the article is when it stated that Miss Dufault was found by other students. Why was she working in the machine shop without a qualified person in there with her. Safety starts with supervision in the work area and the shop staff should have been there to stress the points of safety. When there are no shop staff working the shop should be closed to everyone. A safety course is great for basic safety tips but it does not give someone the experience to run that type of machinery safely.
    My thought and prayers are with the Dufault family and the Yale.