Early morning shots fired on campus

Shortly before 1 a.m. on Monday, several shots were fired near the intersection of Chapel and York streets. An officer with the New Haven Police Department confirmed on the phone early Monday that there were gunshots, but said police in the area were still gathering information.

As of 1:45 a.m., there was no indication from either police or eyewitnesses that anyone had been injured.

At least one person was detained.

At the scene, more than 10 squad cars lined York Street as officers combed the surrounding area with flashlights. Police blockaded York Street south of Crown Street and Chapel Street east of York Street using their cars.

University-owned properties and academic facilities encircle the area of the shooting. The Yale University Art Gallery, the Digital Media Center for the Arts, the School of Art and Jonathan Edwards College are but footsteps away.

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  • Jack

    This has happened before in this location. Like, on the day I was interviewed for a job at Yale. I took the job anyway. There's an ebb and flow to this crap in New Haven, and right now it's a flow. Crime is going to get closer and closer to campus for a while. It's a great university in the middle of a hellhole. Has been so for a very long time. My father lived on Dixwell in the 1940s-- you should hear his stories!

  • NB

    I walk home across this intersection late every night from the architecture school. I thought I was generally safe, because I only live a block from school and this is what's considered one of the nicest, safest areas of town. So, if I had been walking home close to my usual time, my 2 minute walk home could have been interrupted by a mob of people (must have been 40 people) and a guy shooting 12 shots into the air.

    There were about 80 of us in the 4th and 5th floor studios of the architecture school at the time because we have midterms this week. Most of us saw the huge mob of people going down chapel & york and then heard all the shots. Kind of really freaked us out.

  • Steve

    I'll take a deep breath before I respond… I guess just because you have a job in this beautiful city of ours does not mean that you are a well rounded person. Like any urban area, New Haven has a significant amount of poverty, violence, and despair. Way too much for any New Havener or anyone to have to endure in any city USA. Also, New Haven has strong citizens, young and old living and doing their best to work, go to school, and go about their business in urban America. It is too bad when people make their little tourist sound bites saying a great university in the middle of a s-hole. Either you have no respect for the humans that live in the surrounding area or you just do not like all the bustling restaurants, shops, cultural, and nightlife establishments that dot the surrounding streets. Downtown is one of the safer areas of New Haven. And even our city's rough neighborhoods have their beauty too. Good luck bro.

  • al

    New Haven is just like any other city, except with much more to do than the average place. A Columbia grad student was pushed into the street and killed during a mugging less than a year ago. Would you rather go to a college in the middle of nowhere? You'd be much worse off, actually, because of the risk of driving.

  • Anonymous

    Chalking this up as the unavoidable consequence of living in a city is irresponsible. This is a problem Yale CAN do something about. Yale needs to make student safety a higher priority and hire substantially more police and security to do more patrols. We've been trying in vain for years to get a police presence on York Street between central campus and the hospital. Prospect Street and East Rock are other highly traveled campus locations that have been mostly devoid of a police presence. This is a problem that has plagued Yale for a long time that certainly has a solution. A modest amount of money, one resource fully at Yale's disposal, would make a world of difference. Yale should use it.

  • To #5

    #5, According to the article, the person(s) were detained. What else do you want to do? Have Yale cops stop and frisk everyone leaving the downtown "juice bars" every Sunday night? Nobody was hurt.

    If Yale wants to make a difference as far as improving safety goes, it should invest in traffic safety around the campus. Dozens of students and staff have been killed or seriously injured in traffic incidents in the vicinity of campus since 1980, versus just 1 (Christian Prince, 1991) who has been killed due to violent crime. The level of speeding around here is ridiculous.

    Perception is skewed because every time someone has a purse stolen, all 30,000 people within a 1 mile radius of Yale get an email from Chief Perrotti whereas when a kid gets run over down the street, or if someone gets shot while in Manhattan (and both of the above things have happened to people I know), you're lucky if a few dozen people on the planet hear a word about it.

    You live in a real place, not a disgustingly gated enclave like San Francisco, SoHo, Dubai, Greenwich or Bala Cynwyd. There are 500,000 residents and 200,000 office workers in the New Haven area and yes, every once in a while, one of them is going to do something stupid. In the meantime, if you're really concerned about your own safety, be careful crossing the street and whatever you do, don't move to a suburban area where you would have to drive a car.

  • A Modest Solution

    I think we'd all be better off if Yale just imposed a police state on downtown New Haven. We could have YPD at every college entrance, and also at most if not all major intersections. Yale could also put street-ward facing video recording devices on all its buildings, academic and retail.

    Yale students would thus be protected from teeming hordes, as would the rest of North Haven's — ahem, I mean New Haven's — effete intellectual and propertied classes, who so regularly are accosted as they attempt to dine in blissful tranquility at Zinc, or enjoy a night at the theatre.

    Because, correct me if I'm wrong, but a mass of scary people walking down public sidewalks can only be solved with direct and aggresive intervention. Since we're not making tuition free, Yale could well afford to implement this new police cordon throughtout the city. Better still, the curfew that some have proposed for New Haven youth could be applied instead to all residents, except, obviously, those with vehicular transport of some kind, including Yale buses. Surely, this would greatly benefit both the overworked NHPD (currently overwhelmed by prostitutes) and town-gown relations.

  • rita2009

    Yes, the drivers are really more of a threat than the guy with the handgun. One I can easily protect myself from by using common sense. The other will find you on its own. New Haven is a sewer, with a corrupt government and as much charm as a diseased Pit Bull. But I'm sure a few speed bumps will make me feel safer, maybe it'll slow down the gang of youths on bikes long enough for me to get into a college gate unharmed.

  • chapel/york resident

    Can't we all just get along? I doubt there's anyone here, Yale affiliated or not, who wouldn't rather live in a safer community. Stop with the hostility. New Haven isn't a sewer, but it is a city with serious violence and poverty issues.

    To #6, I agree that traffic safety should be a much higher priority. Overall, it certainly contributes to more injuries and deaths than gun-related violence.

    But, I strongly disagree with your implication that, because the shooter was detained, nothing more could have been done.

    As a resident of Chapel and York, I'm thinking more could have been done. These were teens, lots of them. Mobs of dozens of rowdy teenagers in the middle of the night shouldn't go unnoticed by the police before they begin spraying bullets into the air. If there were a stronger police presence, kids wouldn't think that it's ok to roam around downtown/campus with loaded weapons.

    Dare I say curfew? Gun control? Better yet, funding for youth programs?

  • JT_Tran

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