Cross Campus: 10.8.08

Former member of the Black Panther Party Warren Kimbro guest lectured on racial politics in Professor Douglas Rae’s class “New Haven and the American City” yesterday. Convicted for second-degree murder in 1970 and released early for cooperation, Kimbro is currently the CEO of Project MORE, a New Haven non-profit agency that helps ex-convicts start anew.

Happy Belated Birthday Jonathan Edwards! Last night JE upperclassmen celebrated what would have been the 305th birthday of their college’s namesake. Good thing the party didn’t go past dinner and dessert, or else they may have been sinners in the hands of an angry Edwards.

Bikers beware: Yale police have stepped up their game. A student received a $75 ticket today for riding his bicycle on the sidewalk. Pointing to the heavy flow of traffic, a witness said, “Well you can’t blame him for wanting to get out of these streets.”

Professor Emeritus of Philosophy Juergen Habermas gave his second installment in the prestigious Castle Lectures yesterday, speaking on the topic of the resurgence of religion. Best known for his concept of the public sphere, the reknowned German philosopher will hold the final lecture of the series on the 13th.

Students emerged from the depths of Bass to embrace the brisk autumn air and a much needed study break last night at the Chaplain’s office. With super sweet caramel apples and candy corn, students experienced sugar highs that may just get them through the week. Let’s hope, though, that they don’t crash before midterms.

The Yale Graduate Student Rugby Football Club took second place at the annual Wharton Business School Tournament last weekend. Apart from the final game against Wharton, the team was undefeated, crushing rivals Cornell, NYU and Duke, among others. Team member Jay Kerwin ’11 said the team wasn’t phased by the loss, “The team is really on the rise, and I think our momentum will keep going through the season.”


1986 The friendly fun of Tap Night turned bloody as members of Yale’s various a capella groups rushed a little too quickly, resulting in a pile-up on Old Campus. Karen Hough ‘89 described Tap Night as “worse than the Who concert” after the normal rush festivities resulted in a pile-up on Old Campus. Nicholas Crowley ‘87 was sent to Yale-New Haven Hospital and left four hours later with seven stitches in his hand.

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  • streever

    "Well you can’t blame him for wanting to get out of these streets."

    Actually, you can.

    His risk of dying increases to 5.8 on a sidewalk riding against traffic. Riding with traffic it's 3.6.

    Not to mention how inconsiderate it is to the pedestrians.

    I hope Yale continues to increase this, in an effort to educate cyclists about the law and apparently uncommon decency.

    Was the cyclist wearing a helmet? I can't count how many cyclists I see on sidewalks, against traffic, weaving in and out of pedestrians without helmets who do it "For safety". That's nonsense, and if they considered the statistics & facts for a heartbeat, they'd realize that too.

    If anyone disagrees, feel free to call me, and we can go over where cyclists are safest.

    You are safest in the road, as a car. Accident data, surveys, and years of analysis demonstrate this.

    David Streever
    203 843 1866
    Cycling advocate & commuter cyclist
    Board member, Elm City Cycling

  • Anonymous

    I cannot believe that the YDN published the cheer "No means yes! Yes means ale!" without considering that such a cheer rarely supplants the word "ale" at the end of the chant. Rather, fraternities have repeatedly chanted across campus, even before places like the Women's Center, "No means yes! Yes means anal!" I am shocked that the YDN Editorial Board would publish this pledge chant as an entertaining tidbit of gossip.

  • poor biker

    I am the one who get the ticket. I am just wondering why there is not any sign to remind ppl not to ride on the sidewalk since riding on sidewalk is legal in state but just not legal in New haven ???????