Letter: Sarah Palin’s ‘tenuous’ relationship with truth

Sarah Palin put in an unexpected performance last night.

She offered confident responses and defended her own record. It’s too bad her answers had a very tenuous relationship to the truth. She twists and turns her sentences until it’s unclear where she even started. Sarah Palin is scary. She is scary not because she doesn’t have the intellectual capacity to be president, but because she has the intellectual capacity to be a president who hides the truth. We’ve had eight years of that — more than enough.

All politicians obscure the truth; all politicians play politics. What is most disgraceful and most untrue is when you say you are offering straight talk when playing the same political games. Last night Sarah Palin offered nothing but the emptiest of words. Sarah Palin understands her party’s platform just enough to misstate it.

Throughout last night’s debate, Palin oscillated between calling for “strict regulation” and “getting out of the way.” You can’t have it both ways! These positions on regulation are fundamentally opposed. During the debate she agreed with Senator Biden on extending civil rights to same sex couples. This is factually opposed to position of the McCain campaign. She calls John McCain a maverick, but the American people understand that he is no longer an independently-minded politician. She simultaneously agreed with Dick Cheney and called for change. America cannot afford more politicians who purposefully and knowingly mislead us. But that’s what we saw last night.

Long before there was Sarah from Wasilla there was Joe from Scranton. All night long Joe Biden demonstrated the absurdity of the idea that Republicans understand what middle class Americans are going through. He outlined the Obama tax plan to give tax cuts to 95 percent of Americans. He spoke about the Obama health care plan which seeks to provide coverage to all people instead of taxing health care benefits. He spoke to voters across the country about how Senator Obama will end the War in Iraq.

Sarah Palin was right about one thing: There is a clear choice in this election.

Jacob Koch

Timothy Dwight ’09

President, Yale for Obama


  • student

    I was going to vote 3rd party until I watched the debate last night. Palin is so scary that I'm forcing myself to vote Obama, even though I disagree with his lack of a truly progressive agenda on virtually every issue.

  • Alum '81

    I think you need to watch that debate again and then hit the books for some accurate information. I counted two factual errors made by Gov. Palin. She called the general "McClellan" instead of "McKiernan".Given the heat of the debate and the fact that McClellan was a famous general, it's not too bad an error. And she said that troop levels were down to presurge levels. They aren't yet, but will likely be later this year.
    On the other hand Sen. Biden made at least 22 errors. You can visit multiple online sites to see the growing list--NRO online is one of the best. Some of his biggest errors include:
    1.Saying the US and France kicked Hezbollah out of Lebanon.Maybe he really meant to say Syria was kicked out of Lebanon. But we didn't do that either. It was the Lebanese that kicked Syria out.
    2.Biden said we spend more in Iraq in a month than we have in the Afghanistan war. That's off by 2000 percent.
    3.He was wrong about Article I of the constitution and the role of the VP. And Biden is a lawyer.
    4.Saying McCain voted against a nuclear test ban treaty which all other senators supported. Actually 49 other senators voted against it.
    5.Saying Pakistan can hit Israel with nuclear weapons. Actually the longest range missle they have would fall 1000 miles short. Unless he was revealing classified information, in which case he should be prosecuted for same.
    6.He said he supported new coal plants, but earlier videotape has him opposing it.
    7. He said that McCain had said he wouldn't meet with the government of Spain. That was false.
    8.Biden denied that Obama said he would would sit down with Ahmadinejad without preconditions. But its on video for everyone to see.
    9.There hasn't been a Katie's restaurant on Union Street for 25-30 yrs.
    There too many other mistakes and gaffes to enumerate, but clearly Sen. Biden is either ill-informed or having memory problems or deliberately lying. As an Independent, I believe Gov. Palin clearly won the debate. She used Biden's own words against Obama when she noted that Biden said Obama was not qualified to be President. He had no response to that.She also has more executive experience than any of the other candidates. She was also more forward looking and positive than Biden, who seemed more interested in running against President Bush than McCain/Palin. This debate makes me want to vote for McCain/Palin. The other ticket seems too negative and too risky. Picking Biden as VP candidate shows appalling judgement on Obama's part.

  • Tamara Gibson

    Everyone has been so conditioned to believe everything they hear in the news and see on TV, that they don't even recognize real when they see it. Sarah Palin is Sarah Palin, nothing insidious or scare about her. For all of you who've been brain washed by the elitists, hollywood, and the media . . .I am really sorry that you will never recognize the truth when you see it.