Around New Haven: East Rock residents take street patrol into their own hands

Following the robbery of a Yale Law School student Tuesday night on Bishop Street, two dozen residents of East Rock — plus dogs — participated in a block watch patrol of the neighborhood, according to the New Haven Independent. The patrol was only one of many organized by residents David Streever and Lisa Siedlarz over the past few weeks in response to a “spike” in car thefts and armed robberies in the area, coupled with a lack of a regular patrol police officer in the neighborhood. With city budget cuts looming, an expansion of patrols seems unlikely.


  • a voting

    Another mugging has happened.On Humphrey near Whitney Ave. A High Noon heist
    Victims : 3 Grad students. Descriptions of the perpetrators : none
    This smells like wanton drug dealing,open air drug markets ,the more strung out the user gets the bolder they get and this brazen activity of the hooligan …somebody is accumulating frequent flier points to Florida

  • To #1

    Why would a description of the suspects be provided? That might lead to actually catching these criminals…

  • a registered

    Like duhhhh

  • Anonymous

    It would be much better to allow this string of muggings to continue than release a description that might lead to an arrest, because we certainly wouldn't want to offend the delicate sensibilities of certain groups that love to shriek discrimination.