*Interact: Submit Questions for Tony Blair by 5 p.m.*

All readers are invited to submit questions—anything goes—for Former British Prime Minister tony Blair through 5 p.m. Simply post your questions to this comment thread. The News will interview the former prime minister this evening.


  • Mitchell Lornda

    Does Mr Blair agree that while the philosophy behind the Iraq war is agreeable, the actual strategy and execution of it's plan was terrible?

    That is; many may believe the actual removal of a dictator and the installation of 'democracy' was a useful aim, but the planning and strategy were abandoned - thereby resulting in Iraq today.

  • Z

    Will Mr. Blair please be our next Dean?

  • Nick Simmons-Stern

    What can we, as students at Yale University, do to bridge the cultural divide between the United States and Middle East that has resulted in the terror and violence of recent history?

  • Jim

    Has political truculence endemic to our democracy and specifically the partisan allegations by Democrats against President Bush undermined America's reputation in the Middle East?


    Conflict between Isreal and plaestine at the heart of current Muslim youth disaffection towards America and Britain.what difference can you make in in moddle east to improve this image???