Around New Haven: Detective placed on leave

In a move in-keeping with his zero-tolerance stance on corruption, New Haven Police Chief James Lewis placed Michael Hunter, a seasoned NHPD detective, on administrative leave for the alleged exploitation of a national crime database, the New Haven Independent reported.

The detective is not new to accusations of corruption: He was also charged with stealing $40,000 through his leadership at a local police charity, the Silver Shields, in 2005. The money was meant to fund college scholarships. Hunter is expected to appear in front of the Board of Police Commissioners on Oct. 14.


  • Josey W.

    He should be placed in stocks and irons on the green..

  • Tara C.

    If this is the case and that detective in deed abused his powers of authority, everything that is coming to him then he deserves every bit of it and any officer that crosses the line like this detective did should get fired. I also read a while back about this particular detective Hunter stealing money, so he has been a trouble maker for awhile, he should had been fired for the previous incidents. He has no honor and absolutely no integrity.