Briefly: Man arrested at Gourmet Heaven for theft

A six-foot, burly white male was arrested in front of Gourmet Heaven on Broadway Sunday night after he refused to let a police officer check his backpack for stolen items. According to video footage, the man entered the store at 7:36 p.m., wearing a backpack. He grabbed a three-liter water jug and a juice drink, leaving the items on a nearby shelf. He entered the men’s bathroom. Fifteen minutes later, he left the room, placing the items in his backpack. He started to leave. Before the man reached the door, a worker confronted him, and soon a policewoman at the scene asked him to open his bag. When he refused, the officer called for backup. The backup policeman soon pulled the man to the ground and arrested him at 7:59 p.m. On the floor, he cried and spit. “I didn’t even do anything!” the man yelled, according to several witnesses. A repeat Gourmet Heaven thief, according to store owners, the man was taken away on an ambulance stretcher.


  • Hieronymus

    I thought reporting an alleged perpetrator's "race" was verboten?

  • Pierson 90

    So, the perpetrator was a "white male." Would you have reported his race if it was a person of color? And, if not, then shall we all assume that crimes not committed by those specifically identified as "white" are committed by persons of color?

  • Anonymous

    bu-bu-burly white man!? ok, now I know who to look out for at night in New Haven.

  • Anonymous

    double standard, anyone?

  • bye

    Is posting a description on-line and/or including the description in any and all reports a matter of discretion by the Yale Daily News ? There is a Freedom of Information Act. When a Victim of a mugging ,assault etc.calls the police they call it in to dispatch and an All Points Bulliten is then released -publicy
    So any race/ethnicity is a moot point