In other news, Richard Levin may rank as greatest Yale president of all time

To the Editor:

RE: “In 1993, a search for one to put the wheels back on” (4/15), President Levin will go down in history as one of the great presidents of Yale, if not its greatest one.

Dan Ward

April 15

The writer is a 1955 graduate of Yale College.


  • Garlic

    Levin - Benevolent dictator for life

  • Could be.

    Levin is an extraordinary administrator, that's for sure. His leadership has been very strong. Consider also that he has had the fattest wallet of any Yale president, and has had the means to do more.

  • Anonymous

    in response to #2, I don't think the wallet was very fat when his term began…

  • Could be.

    #3, that is due to David Swenson. I'm not sure if Levin hired him, but if you want to give Pres. Levin credit for endowment growth, it can only be indirectly attributed.

  • marc

    Dick Levin is an anti-union, neo-con toady of George W Bush.