$20K worth of property stolen from BDs’ house

The Baker’s Dozen’s spring break tour in North Carolina hit a sour note at its finale.

The 19 members of the Yale a cappella group returned to New Haven early Monday morning to find their house on 235 Dwight St. ransacked. All five students living at the BD house had electronics and other possessions stolen, the New Haven Police Department confirmed. The residents estimate that they are missing roughly $20,000 worth of property.

City Hall spokeswoman Jessica Mayorga said the case is open and New Haven police are still investigating the incident. No arrests have been made.

When four group members entered the house Monday, it was clear the house had played host to unexpected visitors. Papers and furniture were scattered along the floor, drawers were overturned and several high-priced belongings were missing.

The thieves even kicked down bedroom doors that the house residents had locked prior to their two-week tour.

According to the NHPD police report, several laptop computers, iPods, printers and electronic equipment were stolen from the house.

But Eitan Bernstein ’09, a house resident and business manager for the BDs, said while the printers had actually not been taken from the house, the robbers left with other “weird” items.

“One person had their clothes stolen — T-shirts, socks and things like that. Even his underwear,” he said.

The police report — taken when police were dispatched to the scene at 2:15 a.m. Monday — states that the missing property from the house has an estimated value of at least $10,000, but after taking a more comprehensive inventory of their possessions, the residents place that value at about twice that amount.

Bernstein said the thieves broke into the house through a window above the house’s side door, which he said the residents “never use.”

The house did not have a security alarm system, but all the doors were locked while the group was away, he said.

Since one of the house residents had renter’s insurance, the five students are currently assessing whether their losses will be covered by insurance.

In a previous incident of bad tour fate last winter break, members of the Bakers’ Dozen sustained serious injuries after being attacked at a New Year’s party in San Francisco.

Just one other burglary was reported to the Yale Police Department between March 8 and 21, while Yale students were on spring break. It occurred at 230 South Frontage Rd., four blocks south of Old Campus.

YPD spokesman Sgt. Steven Woznyk previously told the News that it usually takes a few days after classes resume for students to report any potential burglaries that took place over break.


  • Poor BDs

    Poor BDs -- first they get the shit kicked out of them in San Francisco last year, now their house gets ransacked by New Haven bums. As much as I hate a cappella, and as hard as I laughed when I heard some dudes kicked the shit out of BDs last year, you gotta feel bad for these guys. Maybe they should try something else besides singing.