Former NHPD cop given jail time for role in narcotics scandal

Posted Monday 8:12 p.m. New Haven Police Department Detective Jose Silva — one of the three officers implicated in an FBI probe into the NHPD’s narcotics enforcement unit last spring — was sentenced to 90 days in prison Monday by Senior U.S. District Judge Alan H. Nevas.

Silva will be subject to a year of parole immediately following his release from prison.

In early October, Silva pleaded guilty to one count of deprivation of an individual’s civil rights — a misdemeanor.

He admitted to witnessing former NHPD Detective Justen Kasperzyk plant drugs in a suspect’s bedroom during a November 2006 drug raid. Silva then filed an incident report that said the drugs were found in the individual’s bedroom, not in the basement of the building, where they were actually discovered.

During a March 2007 search of a New Haven residence, Kasperzyk and Silva each pocketed $500 they found at the scene.

The Board of Police Commissioners unanimously voted to fire Silva in mid-October. He had been with the NHPD since 1995.

Kasperzyk, who pleaded guilty to one count of civil rights conspiracy, a felony and one count of theft of government property, will receive his sentence on March 27.


  • Anonymous

    Crime is so commonplace in the Police Dept. that they're writing letters of commendation..are they claiming this Det.Silva is just a Petty Criminal ?
    Or he has gotten away with so much more and they feel time outweighs the crime ?
    Like a bank robber that has hidden the money for release

  • Anonymous

    I see a lot of shady characters receiving promotions,even more frightening is just exactly how did they become Police Officers in the first place ?i'm a native New Havener with a good memory..
    i've already seen the illegal dumping by Public Works,the badgering and childish nitpicking about leafs by the Mayors flunky Miller..i've watched them hurl their children at peoplke..i have seen them put their children up to criminal activityt..proving their worth i suppose.
    Who does the background check on the perpetually problematic cops ? Their Brothers did ..i mean literally ,how do you explain to a cop that they're wife is incompetent and does'nt make a good cop?
    Many a good candidate has been passed over for hiring due to this blatant Nepotism..
    i guess they can continue doing what they're doing and that's Stay inside of the Police Station and never come out, oh yes for the occasional photo op with the Mayor and Community Meetings where they slam their fist down demanding jobs for the ilk