Yale, a ‘third rate’ institution, promotes delusional stance on immigrant ‘take-over’

To the Editor:

Harvard University has Professor George J. Borgas, who has been called “America’s leading immigration economist” by the Wall Street Journal. He was the subject of a cover story in the New York Times Magazine. Not to mention, Harvard’s Samuel P. Huntington’s monumental work The Clash of Civilizations, which takes a hard look at immigration of the third world into the first world and multiculturalism.

Americans now have 20 million illegally in this country. They wave their Mexican flags. They demand Spanish be taught in our schools. And they carry their signs, “White Racists, This Is Our Continent” and “White Racists Go Back to Europe.”

This is not immigration; it is not assimilation; it is not becoming an American citizen; it is not a desire to assimilate. It is a take-over. Each illegal is a foot solider in this Reconquista army.

It is a take-over promoted by the Mexican government under their policy of Reconquista to put the Southwestern states under Mexican control (Aztlan) by mass migration. It is working. It is a war of demographics.

La Raza (the race), MEChA and other Mexican organizations make their purpose very clear. “We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him. … We are the future of America. Unlike any prior generation, we now have the critical mass. We’re going to Latinize this country,” said Jose Angel Gutierrez, political science professor and former head of the Mexican-American Studies Center at the University of Texas, Arlington, founder of La Raza.

Given these circumstances, what does Yale University have?

First, it has President George W. Bush ’68, who has willfully subverted the laws of the United States to allow an uninterrupted flow of Mexicans and other Latinos come across the Mexican border for eight years. Yale has produced the first Mexican president of the United States, who is more concerned with advancing the fortunes of Mexican citizens than protecting the lives of American citizens.

Second, it has professor Michael Wishnie, clinical professor of law at Yale Law School. He is the legal mastermind behind the New Haven ID card. He has aided and abetted the Mexican invasion and violated immigration law. U.S. laws prohibit any act that “encourages or induces an alien to come to, enter, or reside in the United States.”

Yale University, its professors and its students prattle such claptrap as “undocumented workers,” “no one is illegal” and “they are here, and we can’t deport them.”

Once again Harvard University has shown its clear superiority in producing first rate, hard-thinking that shows the economic, demogratic, ecological, social and political cause and effect of our immigration policies. Harvard has scholars who can think.

Yale has scholars who don’t think. They empathize. As a result, Yale University is what it is: a third rate institution mired in its delusional salad days of campus protests of the 1960s.

Paul Streitz

Dec. 3

Streitz is the co-director of CT Citizens for Immigration Control.


  • Anonymous

    This is so obviously a joke letter

  • Anonymous

    It's amazing how racist, bigoted, hypocritical and ignorant Paul Streitz (co-director of CT Citizens for Immigration Control) is about us native-born Americans called Chicanas and Chicanos. Immigrants from all over the world come to the U.S., not just the Mexicans he loathes. MEChA has next to no connection with Mexicans and has no intention of taking over anything. If he's truly concerned about a racist takeover of the U.S., Streitz should be attacking Yale's secretive Skull & Bones society, not MEChA. Skull & Bones even supported Hitler. Why isn't Streitz complaining about that on his campus?

  • Anonymous

    Based on his fourth rate writing skills, I think it is fair to say that Paul is not a graduate of either institution.

  • Anonymous

    "Harvard is better than Yale." Brilliant organizing strategy, Paul Streitz. You're sure to win TONS of friends on campus with this argument.

  • Anonymous

    credit/d/FAIL - This article is absolute drivel without even a sentence of hard-hitting proof of the author's absurd stance. It is intellectually insufficient and lacks any academic rigor as well as completely ignoring the diverstity of opinions that exist at either Harvard or Yale.

  • Anonymous

    Ha ha ha! This is a hilarious parody. (Right? Right?)

  • Anonymous

    Wow. I thought it was a sarcastic piece that was going to end with a cool twist. Instead, it just ended.

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    Is this hate speech? Is this hateful? Is it racist? Is this ignorant?

    Given recent "discussions" (talking with anonymous folks is tough) on this website, I'd really like to hear what people have to say about this letter.

    Personally, I think the strongest conclusion I can make is that it's ill-informed and incorrect. The estimated 20 million undocumented immigrants are, of course, not all Mexican. And from there, the other myths begin to unravel. Are undocumented immigrants starting a revolution or getting called "walking ATMs" and getting jumped? While both could be happening at the same time, Streitz does not even begin to give the situation that complexity.

    It is clear the author does not see or does not wish to present the bigger picture. Instead, he chooses to simplify almost everything, including the institutions of Harvard and Yale. I would venture to say this blindness is caused by some form of hatred. Additionally, it would be hard for me to separate that from a type of racism I see working here, especially after noting his assumption that "each [of the 20 million] illegal[s] is a foot solider in this Reconquista army."

    Additionally, Professor Gutierrez'1969 quote, which might make more sense if read contextualized, should not represent all past, present, or future members of La Raza, MEChA, "and other Mexican organizations."

    This last part reveals a lot to me since Streitz is denying himself potential Mexican or Mexican-American allies, who have similar positions on immigration, simply because he assumes their ethnic makeup dictates their political stance. I would have to say that demonstrates ignorance and racism working together again. While these words are directed at the letter, I find it hard to believe they could be that divorced from its writer.

    Again, I'd like to hear how you all would classify Streitz' speech given recent "conversations."

    Josh Williams
    MC 2008

  • Anonymous

    I'm so disappointed that this was even published. It's totally BS. It's a silly argument that's been done before and silly cable news pundits like to bring it up whenever they're short on news (maybe that was the case with the YDN's opinion page today?). In response to what Mr. Williams posted in this forum, I conclude that Mr. Streitz is masquerading his racism with something he tries to pass off as patriotism but is, unfortunately, simply xenophobia. I have no doubt he would prefer to place a "whites only" on the Statue of Liberty. It's a terrible thing when fear and ignorance collide.

    Irma Mejia
    JE '08

  • Anonymous

    If only he were right! I wish so badly that every immigrant who comes to the US was part of an anti-colonialism revolution. Unfortunately, most people come after years of getting screwed by NAFTA and FTAA in their home country. Paul Streitz, let me know when we can hang out in Atzlan.


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    Josh, I can't believe you would take the time to seriously respond to this piece.

  • Anonymous

    Why? This isn't even worth a response.

  • Anonymous

    I know. I know. But you've got to wonder where all those anonymous "hate speech definers" are on this one.


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    A ridiculous point of view, but to Irma Mejia, while I see why you say this should not be published, I urge you to reconsider. For better or worse, he's the director of a group that has unfortunately had some traction in Connecticut. And why should we be afraid of hearing his viewpoint, however egregious it is? We can disagree - but we should not censor. Let it be out in the open. Kudos to YDN for resisting the gut reaction not to publish.

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    There's an easy way to get rid of all the "illegals". It's called amnesty - bingo, now they're all legal immigrants.

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    I tend to agree that some of the author's rhetoric is inflammatory to the point of being unproductive, but the concerns expressed are valid. Are dissenters disputing the accuracy of the quote by Jose Angel Gutierrez (or the fact that this person is the founder of "La Raza")? If this outrageous quote is correct, surely this should discredit this organization, or at least raise a very valid concern about this organization, even if many or most of La Raza's members would disagree with it.

    Likewise, the New Haven ID card is an affront to federal laws in many respects, and it does reflect poorly on Yale if the Law School was truly part of this plan.

    It would be great if dissenters could debate the article and point out wrong facts (if any) instead of making pointless comments about whether this should have been published.

    Here is one substantive comment: It was primarily in his latest work "Who Are We", not in "The Clash of Civilization", that Professor Samuel Huntington addressed demographic challenges to American culture and society.

  • Anonymous

    The "yale has / harvard has" analysis is a little too clever.

    GWB is a "product" of Yale…then again, he also has a HBS degree. Do they "have" him too?

    Borjas (would have been somewhat respectful for Streitz to spell his name correctly) does teach at Harvard. But he's a product of Columbia (who I can only imagine does not "have" the right profs for Streitz) and St. Peter's.

  • Anonymous

    Paul overstates his case and comes to tremendously outrageous conclusions. We should, however, be looking seriously at illegal immigration. We simply can't handle millions of people without an education to come into the US.

    -- A Hispanic

  • Anonymous

    "Why should we be afraid of hearing his viewpoint?" It is fine to have a viewpoint, when the credibility of the YDN is used to state lies as fact, then it's reputation is put on the line. I mean, the author uses the same old ignorant arguments used by similar anti-immigrant groups over and over again. HE calls NCLR, La Raza and says it's "the race," when in actuality it means the people to those that use the term. He attacks MEChA in the same line and refers to this "reconquista" which they have nothing to do with. MEChA is about success, promoting education and increasing access to institutions of higher education for RAZA, the people! Oh, and this immigrant take over! Wow, I guess he must be reading up on the history of Texas; I wonder if the author has a problem with that immigrant take over in the 1840's.

  • Anonymous

    As a recent Yale alum, I would like to respond to some of Josh's points (since he appears to be the only one to have at least attempted to respond to the author's piece):

    "The estimated 20 million undocumented immigrants are, of course, not all Mexican."

    This is correct; estimates are that 57% of illegal immigrants are of Mexican origin. Most of the other 43% also come through the Mexican border, so that this distinction makes little difference when it comes to the best policies for border enforcement. In any case, I am not sure if this contradicts the author's point.

    "Additionally, it would be hard for me to separate that from a type of racism I see working here, especially after noting his assumption that 'each [of the 20 million] illegal[s] is a foot solider in this Reconquista army.'"

    I felt uncomfortable by this comment as well. This is obviously meant as a metaphor, but still an overly inflammatory way to make the point.

    "Additionally, Professor Gutierrez'1969 quote, which might make more sense if read contextualized,"

    Please tell us in which context calling for the elimination or killing of the "gringo" is a defensible statement (especially coming from someone who is the head of what you would probably argue is a legitimate organization).

    "should not represent all past, present, or future members of La Raza, MEChA, and other Mexican organizations."

    I am sure that Streitz would agree that the statement does not represent the views of all (or even most) of the members of these organizations. I am not sure if this makes the statement less troubling.

    "This last part reveals a lot to me since Streitz is denying himself potential Mexican or Mexican-American allies, who have similar positions on immigration, simply because he assumes their ethnic makeup dictates their political stance."

    I don't think Streizt makes any such assumption. The entire piece is a criticism of illegal immigration, and no one said that all legal immigrants share the views of La Raza, Meccha, etc.

  • Anonymous

    Of course, the op-ed is absolutely ludicrous and not worth responding to. But in response to other posts here, if our country invested in education instead of paving more highways that loop around bleak suburban wasteland and instead of spending billions to subsidize the corporate bank accounts of the richest 0.1% of Americans, we could easily educate all of the 12 million undocumented immigrants here. The U.S. desperately needs more workers, given the looming crisis in social security, but it needs them to be educated. They should all get asylum immediately, so they can get in-state tuition everywhere, also -- in terms of economic competitiveness, barring immigrants from school is just shooting ourselves in the foot compared to the rest of the world.

    Accommodating more immigrants is more about policy decisions like progressive taxation and an end to subsidies for wasteful new tract homes, sprawl and automobiles, not about whether there is room here or not (there's clearly plenty of room). What does our society choose to spend money on -- more large SUVs and 50-foot-wide cul-de-sacs, or a more educated workforce a generation or two from now? In the past, prior to the government's massive and all-encompassing subsidy of sprawl, things were different.

  • Anonymous

    RE: 4:13pm Dec 5

    As a recent alum, Im wondering why you seem to prefer to support or clarify Steizt's viewpoints by attacking, rather haphazardly, Josh's viewpoints. I would argue that I support the YDN publishing it because it is good to know other perspectives/assesments of how Yale and other institutions have dealt with the topic of illegal immigration. I would not support, however, any article that is so blatantly lax in its academic approach or widesweeping in its claims(racial or not) without legitimate/relevant facts and figures (it adds very little to the conversation). Surely during your time at the University you either took a history class or encountered someone who did. My question to you then is, do you agree with the author that Yale is "a third rate institution mired in its delusional salad days of campus protests of the 1960s" or do you care only to criticize Josh's viewpoint while not enumerating your own?

  • Anonymous

    I hope that my classmates' unwillingness to engage the author's argument stems from their anger at the statement that Yale is a third class institution and not their indifference regarding the problem of illegal immigration.

    If the founder of La Raza really said that all white people should be killed (or even a less extreme statement along the same lines), his organizatio should be discredited regardless of the context. Can you imagine if the founder of a pro-white group claims that all blacks should be killed? Would we make excuses by saying that most members of the groups don't really believe this? By this standard, most members of the KKK also do not believe that all blacks should be killed, but surely this does not make the KKK a legitimate institution.

    There have been videos showing large groups of illegal immigrants waving the Mexican flag. Are all the commenters above who think this column is a "joke" denying that Mexicans wave flags making racist statements? Or are they saying this is not a problem? If the argument is that only a tiny minority of illegal immigrants would wave the Mexican flag and that most actually want to assimmilate, do you have statistics to support your claims? There may be defensible arguments against the column, but I don't see how this can be a no-brainer (unless you discredit the author's point simply for valuing Harvard over Yale, of course; as a proud Yalie I can't blame anyone for this judgment).

  • Anonymous

    Why is it racist? This is actually a very simple answer. When I hear a KKK member speak, it is not generally thought that all people who identify as white are racist. When I read this letter, I did not imagine a great mass of white Americans clamoring to go to war on the border. Quite simply, individuality, the ability to be an individual, is taken for granted by people like Steitz, but denied to any person who they do not categorize as white. According to Steitz, if a Mexican makes a violent statement, all Mexicans are looking for violence. If a Mexican waves a flag, then all Mexicans are flag wavers. And if an Mexican is an immigrant, all immigrants are Mexican. How can anyone have a nuanced, factual, and constructive debate with a person who has no interest in researching his facts and who hardly recognizes the individual humanity of immigrants? For example, he clearly has absolutely no idea what the Reconquista movement is really about beyond the one time he has seen it referenced (it's cultural Paul, not political or military). As for the quotation, I agree that hateful rhetoric is not constructive. That said, you can't hold 20 million people responsible for a single 38-year-old quote taken out of context. Nor can you lump together MEChA, La Raza, and "other Mexican groups" into a single collective block. While you may think that he is making metaphors and isn't making assumptions, Anonymous Streitz supporter, but I am almost certain that he is making those assumptions, just as I am sure that he doesn't understand that universities like Yale and Harvard aren't homogenous opinion factories as demonstrated by our differing opinions.

    Luís Medina

    SY 2009

  • Anonymous

    I honestly don't understand the problem with someone waving their flag. I am also quite sure that not just illegal immigrants wave their flag, as a matter of fact here at Yale many of us wave our flags and not all of us are Mexican. What I don't think the commentor above understands is the ability for one to reconcile their ethnic origins with their American patriotism. I don't think it is also fair to assume that all flag bearers are shouting racist comments.
    Also if you would like to discredit the organization La Raza for Jose Gutierrez's comments you can go right ahead. I don't see what that has to do with MEChA de Yale who is not affiliated with LA Raza the organization. MEChA de Yale seeks empowerment for la raza which is spanish for the race and has no affiliation with the organization La RAZA.
    My only question is why is it more permissible for the YDN to publish a piece that targets Mexicans? Would the YDN be as willing to publish a piece which targets Jews or any other racial group for that matter?

  • Anonymous

    I agree

  • Anonymous

    This absolutely should not have been published for a few reasons, none of them relating to censorship of the viewpoint expressed in this editorial. Here's a selection, in increasing importance.
    1) Poor writing: case in point, the Harvard/Yale tie-in. What was supposed to be a clever thread throughout the piece turned out to be a forced figurative piece. At best, its a mis-characterization of Harvard's and Yale's overall ideologies. At worst, its completely untrue - I am highly skeptical that the Harvard Professors cited by Streitz would stand by this editorial.
    2) Controversial statements are not cited. You can't throw out a quite like Gutierrez's and not have SOME kind of context. Even a cursory search shows that the veracity of that quotation is highly dubious, and the nearly 40-year old quote had been derided by both sides of the immigration debate. Why include it?
    3) The article lacks a useful point. Great, so apparently Yale wants the United States of Mexico and Harvard is a bastion of America's remaining intellectual identity. What am I, the average YDN reader supposed to do with this information? The breadth of Streitz's attacks seem to great to enact any meaningful change, even if he were correct. Might as well just burn down this "third-rate institution."
    4) There are better ways of saying the same thing. Immigration concerns are reasonably contentious and complex problems, otherwise they would be solved by now (a simplistic statement, but still largely true). There are certainly thinkers out there who can defend a position like Streitz's and make compelling and respectful arguments. I expect a paper like YDN to have the ability to get such authors.

    I do wonder why YDN decided to include this article, not because it has an offensive viewpoint, but because the article is driveling nonsense. Censor the author, not the ideology.

    Some context: I am not affiliated with Yale, and randomly came across this article while looking at Yale news sources. I am also not in any meaningful way tied or invested in immigration policy (ie. not Mexican or Mexican-American). All I can say is, I just gained a bit more respect for our Stanford Daily.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm… I just can't decide: is this a well-reasoned analysis or is it a polemical diatribe?

  • Anonymous

    After we find all the people with suspicious last names and deport them, I move that we criminalize the public display of plaid and the playing of the game of golf, which are symptomatic of an insidious Scottish nationalism growing within our sovereign borders.

  • Anonymous

    Just because it is ridiculous, which I believe it is, doesn't mean it isn't worth publishing or responding to. He has as much right to publish his views on the matter as any one else.

  • Anonymous

    The mexican mantra

    All of the laws should be enforced equally, regardless of race, religion, and/or national origin. That is with the exception of mexicans, and they should be above the law and exempt from the law. And the only purpose that a tonto gringo serves is to pay taxes to support the superior and noble mexican.

    Anyone who disagrees with this philosophy is Xenophobic and a Racist.


    All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.
    George Orwell, Animal Farm, ch.10, 1945

  • Anonymous

    hey anonymous (4:11pm dec 5)raza means people? go to a translator site…type in raza. it means race.
    also, mecha is an aztlan-promoting racist group. check out their website if you don't believe me.

    from wikpedia:
    The Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo is the peace treaty, largely dictated by the United States[1][2] to the interim government of a militarily occupied Mexico, that ended the Mexican-American War (1846–1848). The treaty provided for the Mexican Cession, in which Mexico ceded 1.36 million km² (525,000 square miles) (55%[3] of its pre-war territory) to the United States in exchange for US$15 million (equivalent to $313 million in 2006 dollars) and the ensured safety of pre-existing property rights of Mexican citizens in the transferred territories, the latter of which the United States in a significant number of cases failed to honor.[4][5][6] The United States also agreed to take over $3.25 million ($68 million in 2006 dollars) in debts Mexico owed to American citizens.

    the united states bought it fair and square. mexico signed the treaty and took the money. they've attempted to take it back ever since.
    i commend the yale paper for printing this article.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry Marxists, but there will be no amnesty today, nor will there be an amnesty on any other day. There is no parody more ludicrous than the multicultural drivel posited as scholrship that spews forth from universities.

  • Anonymous

    Well, I can see the open-minded Yale Liberals are in full force today. Only open to points of view they agree with that is. Everything else is either racist or hate speech and must be silenced, how American and open-minded of you.

    Can any of you "geniuses" tell me what the last letter "A" in Mecha stands for?
    Answer: Aztlan

    Next, what does La Raza translate to in english and what is their motto?
    Answer#1: "The Race" diversity personified!
    Answer#2: "For those of the race everything, for those outside the race nothing."

    Your right the author is way of base. These subversive ethnocentic organizations are as harmful as the girl scouts. One last question, if these organizations consisted of caucasins how much tolerance would you exhibit towards them?

    -Hopefull the blind will see

  • Anonymous

    Judging from naive statements that several of those who disagree with the author included in their comments, publishing this letter served the interest of the Yale Daily News' readers who, most likely, had been presented with one sided reports regarding mass and mostly illegal immigration from Mexico.

    Good job, Mr. Streitz!

  • Anonymous

    I am a hispanic and the word for race is RAZA. The word for people is PUEBLO. La Raza means THE RACE. To all those who are saying that LA RAZA means THE PEOPLE, read a Spanish dictionary. MEChA has stated in its website, "For the race everything, outside the race nothing". Can't get any clearer than that.

  • Anonymous

    the mexicans don't want a civil war because all of the "gringos" are the ones with the guns. well, guess what? a movement is under way involving a few dozen militias to eliminate the invaders that our law enforcement won't. bye illegals!

  • Anonymous

    None of you actually live in Texas and see the trouble coming down here. Here the white (anglos) and assimilated mexican americans are under attack from illegal mexican invaders. The crime rate here is exploding and being covered up by the local goverments. There are serious dangers down here from the growing mass of illegal aliens that want to retake Texas and the american southwest. If you listen to what they say in the spanish media down here it is obvious.
    Additionally they drive down the wages below the point to where the traditional american standard of living for the blue collar worker. Why would industry pay a willing wage to a worker when they can pay minimum or sub-minimum wages without tax or safety issues. This is killing the working people in the southwest.
    It is the elitist attitudes of the so-called ivy league schools that made me decide to attend small southern universities where I could receive a far more balanced education. If you want to care about poor people, care about your citizens first.

  • Anonymous

    from what i'm reading here, many of you would probably be happy if we just erased our borders and eliminated our constitution. most of you probably don't have kids yet so you're not seriously thinking about the future of this great country and what lies in store for our children in 20 years.
    over the short 230 year history of this great country, Americans have fought many times to maintain our sovereignty.
    if you think the whole world is going to embrace in a group hug, you're living in a dream world. it's not going to happen EVER!! get off of your cloud and get real. start thinking of your own future as American citizens. do you really want illegal immigration to continue the way it is?
    think of the impact on our resources and our environment. how many of you even know about the lay-up sites on our southern border? the tons and tons of garbage left in the desert, the miles of new trails carved into the land, wreaking havok on the eco system there. you have a computer, google it!

    our laws are two-tierd. one for the U.S. citizen, the other for the illegal alien who literally gets away with dui after dui, deportation after deportation. the American has to do time for the crime, the illegal alien never shows up for their hearing. those few who do and get deported are back here a week later. what is wrong with this picture? do any of you believe in the rule of law?

    what has happened to this great country? as our older and greatest generation passes on, we are left with those who have forgotten the sacrifices made to keep our sovereignty. this is the thanks our veterans get from those who support illegal immigration.

    NO!! It is not cool to wave another countries flag in our streets. when the illegal aliens and open border supporters took to the streets flying mexican rags, dragging our beautiful stars and strips on the ground, claiming they were the indigenous people and whites go back to europe it woke Americans up and now we are paying attention big time! illegal immigration (not immigration) is now at the forefront of the presidential race.
    get with the program liberals! it's your flag..pick it up! it's your country..TAKE IT BACK!
    tancredo is right on the money. i'm sure most of you throw the race card out when you hear his name. here's his new controversial commercial. it is nothing but the truth.

    i leave you with a great quote from a great president:

    In the first place we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself to us, he shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man because of creed, or birthplace, or origin. But this is predicated upon the man's becoming in very fact an American, and nothing but an American…There can be no divided allegiance here. Any man who says he is an American, but something else also, isn't an American at all. We have room for but one flag, the American flag, and this excludes the red flag, which symbolizes all wars against liberty and civilization, just as much as it excludes any foreign flag of a nation to which we are hostile…We have room for but one language here, and that is the English language…and we have room for but one sole loyalty and that is a loyalty to the American people."

    Theodore Roosevelt 1907

  • Anonymous

    IT IS NO SURPRISE that wealthy elitists living in a state 1,000 miles from the border would think that this op-ed is fake.

    Although Yale-ites have no clue, the fact is that the American SW is being destroyed. Citizens and legal immigrants fully understand this. If you think that the mass migration of poverty into a state has no negative consequences, you truly are ignorant.

  • Anonymous

    The posture adopted by some Yalies is indeed one of subversion of our laws and government entities. The idea behind American immigration laws, was to add to the populatin of Americans, who would place American values, and the rule of law as the things that bind us instead of focusing on the things that separate us. That being said, Mexican, there's no sense in trying to fool anyone that LULAC, NCLR, MALDEF or MEChA are anything but Mexican organizations with deep ties to the Mexican government. As a case in point, NCLR's president, Janet Murguia, has a brother by the name of Ramon Murguia. If you go to Mexico's website for their Institute of Mexicans Abroad, you will find that an alternate of their advisory council for the state of Missouri (The Murguias hail from KC)is named as Ramon Murguia.

    Mr. Streitz may have been constrained by the brevity requirement many periodicals place on writers, but he's not far from correct.

    According to recent estimates, there may be as many as 38,000,000 illegal aliens in the United States. Even by Mexican accounts, two thirds of ilelgal aliens are Latino, and of these about half are Mexicans. That would peg the illegal Mexican estimate at some 12.5 million illegals. Now, some may woder why does Mexico care about keeping them "Mexican" But here. Mexico received some $24 billion in calendar year 2006, and this week it was reported that by end of September of 2007, they had surpassed $20 billion and were on track to surpass last years remittance income. Add to that the savings in govenrment expenditures from not having to provide health, educational and social services for more than 10% of their citizens who are here illegally and getting those services courtesy of the American taxpayer. I would call that: adding by subtracting. Granted, many of those households are not counted as "illegals" since they are facetiously called "mixed status households".

    Having read the Gutierrez quote, in the context of the speech he was giving, said quote was stated in the spirit of wresting power away from the Gringo.

    How would I know? I'm a Spanish speaking US citizen of Hispanic descent.

    Augusto Perez

  • Anonymous

    While the author's argument about plans for reconquista may be somewhat exaggerated, what is more worrisome are the concrete actions that the Mexican government has taken to encourage its citizens to migrate to the US illegally and to protect them from deportation once they are here. Points of fact, easily verified from articles in the mainstream media:
    1. Former President Fox was previously the governor of a Mexican state and as such actively worked to train citizens of that state as gardeners to enable them to get jobs when they moved to the US illegally.
    2. Also, under President Fox, the Mexican government published a comic book to assist illegal aliens in crossing to and remaining in the US illegally. The book was withdrawn due to public outcry in the US.
    3. The Mexican government in contravention of diplomatic protocol has through its consular offices actively lobbied local and state governments in the US to accept the matricular consular, an identification document needed only by illegal aliens.
    4. A representative of the Mexican government recently announced a strategy to make further use of the consulates in a broader and more active lobbying effort to "protect" Mexican citizens in the US, i.e. illegal aliens, and to push for amnesty.
    5. Numerous comments from President Fox, both before and after he's left office, about a "special" relationship between the US and Mexico justifying the free movement of labor regardless of US law.

  • Anonymous

    I don't have a problem with ILLEGALS as long as students are the ones supporting them.

  • Anonymous

    Glad to see some later posters with Common Sense. Too much education can cloudy clear thingking.

  • Anonymous

    I agree! Get EDUCATED @ americanpatrol.com and get ACTIVE @ numbersusa.com

  • Anonymous

    As an American of Hispanc heritage whose parents immigrated here legally (and NOT from MEXICO) I too am weary of MALDEF, and LA RAZA. First, because they are ethno-supremacist organizations operating with huge budgets including millions of taxpayer dollars….and all to promote the special ethno-centric interests of Mexicans and illegal aliens from Mexico while purporting to stand for the "civil rights" of Hispanics in this country. These seditious, xenophobic institutions and their radical, leftist agenda do not represent the views of all Americans of Hispanic heritage and they know that. These organizations do not tolerate any Hispanic American who dares to speak out and have a differing opinion. Americans of all backgrounds have had enough of MALDEF, LA RAZA and LULAC and their 500 affiliates. It's time that responsible elected officials, school administrators, and policy makers stop pandering to the ethno-supremaicist interests of these groups and the interests of illegal aliens that they represent and place the safety, health and welfare of law-abiding American citizens and legal residents first and foremost. It's time to stop ANY government funding of any of these groups. Beware of any charitable donations you make to other-wise benign organizations, they may be making special grants to these groups. It's time to say NO MAS to La RAZA, MALDEF, LULAC and the like.
    Think again, Yale!!

  • Anonymous

    I can't wait until they increase the
    HB-1 visas----to bring in attorneys, engineers, etc.----to take the jobs of Yale graduates or at least flood the market so that their wages will be lowered.

    Now, that would be some sweet justice!!!

    Yale graduates having to compete with foreigners who would be willing to do the same job for $12,000+ less a year.

    Please---bring it on soon. Increase those HB-1 visas from 60,000 to 180,000.

    Citizens throughout the country can't wait to see it happen---and laugh at the same time!!!

  • Anonymous

    Teddy Roosevelt for President! 2008

  • Anonymous

    For those of you who denounce this letter as being "racist" since it "attacks" Mexicans and Hispanics, just what "race" are Mexicans and Hispanics anyway?????????

  • Anonymous

    Here are some videos of events that you have probably not seen from your cozy Yale classrooms.

    These videos were posted on another site. Just copy and paste the links.



    These videos were filmed in California during the marches and subsequent protests. Please watch them……As they will be coming to a neighborhood near you very soon!!!!

    Notice the Mexican flags. Notice the "Europeans go home" signs

    Hear them screaming…."Whose streets……Our Streets"

    Illegals take down US flag and put up Mexican flag during protest


  • Anonymous

    I know these comments by someone who disagrees with illegal immigration and wage depression are so "harsh", that there is only one thing to do which I'm sure Yale would agree with--lets censor Mr. Streitz, and put filters on the internet sites he might write to. That would solve everything for some people, wouldn't it?

  • Anonymous

    Augusto Perez, is probably the most erudite commentator on the illegal immigration phenomenon,bar none. I never fail to learn the most outrageous and surprising facts from him.

  • Anonymous

    God bless America!! I'm glad hispanic Americans have commented here. It is wrong to lump all hispanics into one group or to think that they all are for open borders. we are Americans first and we need to stand united as American citizens and stop this blatant invasion of our country by illegal aliens. we need to unite at the voting booths in november and vote those out of office who have turned their back on us, the American citizens.

    here's some info about la racist la raza.


    Maybe you have read about the National Council of La Raza before, maybe you haven't. Basically, it is a pressure group advocating not only special treatment, but also circumvention of existing immigration laws, for people of Hispanic descent. Abolition of the "false" U.S.-Mexico border is an increasingly popular theme among La Raza members. Likewise they advocate the abolition of the Border Patrol, which they call La Migra.

    Like many such groups that bill themselves as advocating "civil rights" for minorities, La Raza seems to have received an ample share of funding from establishment foundations. For example, between 1986 and 1992, the Ford Foundation gave $3,000,000 to La Raza, and has added more funding in recent years.

    Representative Ruben Hinojosa (D-Texas) has introduced a bill that would force the taxpayers to the group. The bill, named the Hope Fund Act of 2007 (H.R. 1999), would allot $5 million to La Raza in 2008, and $10 million each year thereafter. Because La Raza advocates legislation beneficial to illegal immigrants, H.R. 1999 would, in effect, compel U.S. taxpayers to subsidize a group that engages in lobbying against the interests of most Americans.

    La Raza advocates the elimination of the U.S.-Mexico border, and actively supports legislation that would grant amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants currently residing within the United States. According to its website, La Raza also supports immigration bills that would:

    create a path to citizenship for the current illegal immigrant population;
    create an earned adjustment program for illegal farm workers who would be eligible to apply for temporary immigration status;
    create an earned adjustment program for illegal aliens (and their spouses and children) who meet specified requirements;
    increase to 21 the eligibility age for derivative citizenship;
    provide for derivative citizenship status for spouses and children of H-1D and H-2B visa workers.

  • Anonymous


    Please prevent comments such as "the mexicans don't want a civil war because all of the "gringos" are the ones with the guns. well, guess what? a movement is under way involving a few dozen militias to eliminate the invaders that our law enforcement won't. bye illegals!" from being posted.

    - they ADD NOTHING to the discussion and border on an active threat. Please allow different perspectives to be posted but not ones that are inherently threatening or overly provocative.

  • Anonymous

    Paul Streitz is one American patriot among hundreds of millions of us who stand united against any form of invasion into our nation from anywhere.

    mexico is making serious mistakes if they're having nightmarish disillusionments of taking over “our nation“ of America, and then acting upon their dilusion.

    It would be a mistake for mexico to believe that their threats and planted corrupted hate groups within our nation will give them a foot hold on a nation that has stood first and foremost on freedom for their citizens - a reality that we will never give up (our nation “and” our freedoms).

    mexico is not a friend to America or Americans, and they‘re proving every moment that they never have been.

    Every single one of their racist leaders in their nation and in their hate groups inside America are nothing but hate mongers who are for one thing - their race at the expense of all other races, especially the white race.

    mexico has encouraged their sheep following citizens to plant their stake into America by giving birth and then piggy backing hordes of other mexicans (and other hispanics) on the anchor of that one baby, so they can further thieve into our nation of America via our hard earned tax dollar benefits that they have no right to.

    The wind is changing and it’s articles like this that make America’s patriots proud as heck to realize that we are united against all forms of invasion into our nation of freedoms for all AMERICAN patriots.

  • Anonymous

    There are a few issues with the article, such as this: the prof. founded a party called La Raza, which is not the same thing as the more famous org. NCLR. However, there's a large kernel of truth, and it's certainly interesting that none of the comments I scanned are willing to address those issues, prefering the shortcut of falsely labeling it "hate speech" and something that can be ignored.

    BTW, as a follow-on to someone else's 3:02pm on December 6, 2007 comment, has the YDN ever reported that KicaMatos from the New Haven mayor's office used to head a group that is/was collaborating with the MexicanGovernment?

  • Anonymous

    It is distressing to me, though not surprising to read such ignorant comments from "Yale" people.
    That any of you thought this original story was not real is a pathetic comment on how out of touch you are with the world.
    It is clear that you have not bothered to explore your education outside the confines of your Yale institution by doing your own research on the topic of illegal invaders into our country. Research their costs to you and to me..oh yeah, you don't pay taxes yet! I guess it is easy for you to say give away our life style and freedoms to anyone who can crawl in illegally to America when you have contributed nothing yet. But I was socialist too, when I was younger and had nothing to lose--I should say nothing to be taken from me.

    DO some of your own research and get back to us with a report based on REALITY and facts, not on the socialist propaganda you have sadly accepted as fact.

    These are just a few sites to start with. Google Aztlan, Mecha, La Raza, etc. It will open your eyes.


  • Anonymous

    Hey, maybe if we got rid of all the illegal immigrants, some of these "American and open-minded" writers could get an education and learn spelling or grammar!

    I apologize. I shouldn't be such a snob. I just got confused by all the comments and thought this was a "let's just throw insults around and call each other names" message board.

    I agree that simply accepting illegal immigration is a bad idea. I also think that wrapping a flag around our patriotic spirits and antagonizing these "Mexican invaders" will not work. It's not a simple matter, and there is no simple solution. Argue for a plan that will work -- knowing that there will be no perfect way to resolve this issue. I know I don't have the expertise to propose any plans, but I do know that just forgetting illegal immigration is a problem or telling illegal immigrants to just get out are both really, really dumb ideas.

    And, by God, "hopefull" [sic] only has one /L/.

  • Anonymous

    Come to California and see what the Mechistas and the Razistas have done to destroy my home. As an American of both Amer-Indian and Spanish heritage, I think I am qualified to voice my opinion that the invasion from Mexico and Central America is destructive to our Republic.

    The US Constitution was adopted to protect the rights of We the People, the citizens of this Republic. The Constitution guarantees that our states will be protected from invasion. That guarantee is not being respected nor is it being acted upon.

    Back before most of you were born, the American people decided to be more responsible toward the Earth. We limited our population growth by having fewer children. Our efforts were negated by the Left and their efforts to change the face of America by replacing the American population with another -- mostly Third World Spanish-speakers who easily accept corrupt government. Well, here we are a generation later, the Earth is suffering, our government is as corrupt as any banana republic and we are rapidly headed for a Yugoslavian breakup -- with all the ethnic cleansing bloodshed.

    If you think that assessment is harsh, come to Los Angeles and ask some black Americans -- they are being ethnically cleansed from their neighborhoods by the invading hordes from south of the border.

  • Anonymous

    Well lets look at the majority of people from Yale ,Harvard etc they grew up in gated neighborhoods went to private schools etc.
    Contact with the multi cultural unwashed masses that they always spew unto many Americans with open borders has little affect on them.
    However for me and the millions of other Americans dealing with this daily is of little concern to them,look at the divide among many in the goverment for example so most comments here come to no surprise since their contact is the gardner and greens crew at the country club.

    And people only wonder why when Buffet said there has been a war among the classes and the ultra rich have been winning they cant grasp the legal (which is almost 2 million a year) and illegal atleast 15million and growing cant connect the dots.

    I as an average American yah know like the firemen,the school teacher etc have utter contempt for the so called elite that push this BS on us.

    And guess what people with like viewpoints of mine are growing.

  • Anonymous

    Yale the most "undiversified" university in the country. Only two kinds of students are allowed, 1) minorities, radicals and socialist/anarchist freaks OR 2) some affluent whites that may be legacies, or big ticket alum donor families. Brilliant, mainstream, American students need not apply. Must belong to one of two categories above.

  • Anonymous

    I am a Yale grad strongly concerned with illegal immigration and I find it disappointing that the "ordinary Americans" in these comments are making more cogent arguments than most Yalies, many of whom just express knee-jerk reactions to the piece.

    6:55, you want a plan that will work? How about we start by securing the borders to ensure that no more illegal immigrants will enter the country illegally in the future. There is no question that we can do that, so long as there is a will by government actors to do it. Other countries everywhere in the world are able to enforce their borders effectively and there is no reason why a country as rich as the U.S. would be unable to do the same if it was not for powerful interest groups who benefit from non-enforcement of existing laws.

    The federal government could also save money by working more closely with volunteer citizen groups like the Minutemen. They are committed to border security and provide an important service for free, and should be recognized as such. (Incidentally, while I thought that Streitz's Harvard v. Yale argument was a bit ridiculous, Minuteman founder Jerome Corsi went to Harvard; this is an amusing fact that bolsters Streitz's point).

    I am not saying that we should deport all illegal immigrants immediately. If we can secure the border with enough certainty to know that no illegal immigrants are able to cross again, the need for deportation will be much less pressing, and amnesty for a select number of illegal immigrants who have actually demonstrated a commitment to assimmilating could even be a viable option.

  • Anonymous

    Thank God only a small minority of the citizens of the United States go to Yale. Otherwise America would be lost.

  • Anonymous

    To the American of Hispanic Heritage:
    You are not alone in being disgusted with La Raza, MECHA, Maldef, Lulac, etc.

    There are currently THOUSANDS of Latinos throughout the country who do not support these organizations, what they stand for---and do not support rewarding the illegals in any way.

    They have even started their own group called "You Don't Speak for Me". Some of the members of "You Don't Speak for Me" are also members of the Minuteman Organization.

    Information about the organization can be found at:


  • Anonymous
  • Anonymous

    I don't think many Yalies are linked to OutragedPatriots.com or ImmigrationWatchDog.com

    You see, the people who contribute to and visit these sites, are the same people who make the country work.

  • Anonymous

    What if you treated illegal immigration like an invasion and responded with violence? That would work. If the government threatened to kill every illegal, they would leave. Raise tariffs and you no longer need slave labor.

  • Anonymous

    In leaving il post some numbers that inform some of the Yalies alittle more on this.

    2006 (First Quarter) INS/FBI Statistical Report on Undocumented Immigrants

    CRIME STATISTICS 95% of warrants for murder in Los Angeles are for illegal aliens.

    83% of warrants for murder in Phoenix are for illegal aliens.

    86% of warrants for murder in Albuquerque are for illegal aliens.

    75% of those on the most wanted list in Los Angeles, Phoenix and Albuquerque are illegal aliens.

    24.9% of all inmates in California detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally

    40.1% of all inmates in Arizona detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally

    48.2% of all inmates in New Mexico detention centers are Mexican nationals here illegally

    29% (630,000) convicted illegal alien felons fill our state and federal prisons at a cost of $1.6 billion annually

    53% plus of all investigated burglaries reported in California, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona and Texas are perpetrated by illegal aliens.

    50% plus of all gang members in Los Angeles are illegal aliens from south of the border.

    71% plus of all apprehended cars stolen in 2005 in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California were stolen by Illegal aliens or "transport coyotes".

    47% of cited/stopped drivers in California have no license, no insurance and no registration for the vehicle. Of that 47%, 92% are illegal aliens.

    63% of cited/stopped drivers in Arizona have no license, no insurance and no registration for the vehicle. Of that 63%, 97% are illegal aliens

    66% of cited/stopped drivers in New Mexico have no license, no insurance and no registration for the vehicle. Of that 66% 98% are illegal aliens.

    BIRTH STATISTICS 380,000 plus "anchor babies" were born in the U.S. in 2005 to illegal alien parents, making 380,000 babies automatically U.S.citizens.

    97.2% of all costs incurred from those births were paid by the American taxpayers.

    66% plus of all births in California are to illegal alien Mexicans on Medi-Cal whose births were paid for by taxpayers

  • Anonymous

    There is nothing that strange about Yale or New Haven. It is just the typical university town where it is supposed to be chic, to support anything that most people find to be wrong. It helps to be sitting in a coffee shop while discussing the stupidness of society outside of Yale. Unfortunately, graduates will soon learn that the outside world is another ball game. Yep, the HB-1 visas and all the rest of the stuff is going to affect you to --believe it or not. How about starting to support American citizens and your nation in general? It might do wonders for you.

  • Anonymous

    It is unfortunate that Paul Streitz chose to attack Yale in his letter. Streitz seems to be unware that Harvard Law School produced New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, who wanted (in September 2007) to issue driver's licenses for illegal immigrants.

    Regardless of those tangential issues, I am against amnesty for illegal immigrants because it exacerbates the economic reasons that fuel the problem.

    Illegal immigrants come to this country because employers are willing to break the law and pay below minimum wage to hire them. This means that the employers illegally make a larger profit on their businesses and can outperform their competitors who do not hire illegals.

    If you suddenly gave illegals amnesty and made them legal citizens, employers would BE REQUIRED TO PAY THEM MINIMUM WAGE.

    Therefore, the employers would FIRE THEM so that they could hire more illegal immigrants.

    The recently fired workers would be eligible for unemployment benefits, Welfare, Food Stamps, Medicaid, Social Security benefits, and diability…in some cases, for the REST OF THEIR LIVES. This would create an enormous strain on the federal budget.

    This country needs to solve the problem by doing the following:

    1) Use law enforcement to pursue business owners who break the law. (In Al Capone's day, the Internal Revenue Service was a feared entity; now it seems impotent.)

    2) Secure the borders with personnel and intelligent machines.

    3) Deport illegal immigrants.

    4) Realize that the whole concept of "minimum wage" needs to be re-thought. Clearly it's not working.

  • Anonymous

    This is probably the most ignorant piece of writing I have ever read. First of all, regarding MEChA, it is not an organization that promotes the killing "gringos." It is simply an organization that addresses issues of having a dual identity, of being a Chicano. However, it does have many radicals. You can not condemn an entire organization for people who radicalize their ideas.
    Secondly, I did not think Streitz would make such an ignorant claim that this is a giant conspiracy by the Mexican Government to take over the United States. Please, that just further pushes ignorance. The Mexican government has more to worry about in their own government right now than devising this master plan to take over the United States. In addition, this letter is once again reeking of ignorance when he blames Mexicans. For Streitz's information, there are people from all over Latin America that are coming over to the United States in search for better opportunities.
    Finally, it is hypocritical of Streitz to make these claims. Streitz, just like myself, as well as any other American, can not make the claim that Latinos are evil. We are endorsing the hiring of illegal immigrants by staying at Hotels, eating at restaurants, attending schools and universities, or even eating. Whether you like it or not, Latinos are the ones who clean your hotel rooms, are the janitors at your school, and work the fields to allow us to enjoy the meals we eat today. I would believe someone with the education of Streitz would be able to acknowledge this.
    Finally, whether we like it or not, us Europeans were immigrants in the United States. This world has been in constant migration patterns that have been dictated by socioeconomic circumstances. Immigration into the United States is not a threat, it's a reality. It is something that will never end. It is a fact that by the year 2050, Latinos will be the majority in the United States. How can we save our nation from latinos joining gangs? The answer is an investment in their education. Instead of worrying about kicking them out of our country, we must work to educate them, and allow for upwards mobility for Latinos, unless we want an uneducated majority, which would truly be the downfall of America. Whether or not we can get rid of illegals is something we can do nothing about anymore. Now it is time to act and to improve their conditions, so that they will not wave their Mexican flag and take a stand against America. Instead, we must give them reasons to embrace their new country for what it is giving them, and these "borders" which are nothing but social constructs must be ignored for the greater cause "HUMANITY." In addition, if the United States keep trying to take advantage of Latin American countries through things like NAFTA, where they believe Latinos are stupid individuals who will settle for a miserable life with a mediocre pay, then immigration will continue. The key to stop immigration is to help them better the conditions of their own countries, giving them an incentive to stay.
    I am disappointed by Streitz's intelligence. I believed he was more of an academic. He needs to better his socioeconomic logic before making those claims. I would have thought University of Chicago Business School would have taught him better. Poor poor guy.
    Latinos: Just to clarify, don't think all of us white people are like Streitz. Some of us actually have a brain.

  • Anonymous

    My parents do international business, so I lived in El Paso Texas for quite some time. I have no clue what you people mean by "secure the borders." Have any of you northeast people even tried to cross the border? Security is ridiculous. There are lines of up to three hours, they check vehicles, ask millions of questions about what you were doing, are going to do, etc. Before you make the claim of "securing our borders," live through it and experience it. You'll see they are VERY secure. If you don't call THAT security… then I'm really not sure what is. In addition, many legal citizens cross those borders everyday. If you were a legal citizen and attempted to cross that bridge for over three hours, trust me, your northeast people wouldn't be able to take it. You're not used to it. So please, before you make a remark like that, inform yourself and get out of your little bubble.

  • Anonymous

    >I lived in El Paso Texas for quite some time.
    >I have no clue what you people mean by "secure the borders."
    >Have any of you northeast people even tried to cross the border?
    >Security is ridiculous.

    The problem with your argument is that you (personally) have encountered security ONLY AT EL PASO.

    The border between Mexico and the United States is about 2,000 miles long (over 3,000 km), and there are not security checkpoints for areas where there are no roads. The experience at El Paso is NOT duplicated all along the border.

    "Securing the borders" means, at a minimum, ensuring that EVERY INCH of the Mexican-United States border is under surveillance 24 hours of day so that nobody can pass through unobserved, and those who slip through illegally are promptly apprehended.

  • Anonymous

    The 8:17 (12/14/07) post is pretty much on point. The desire to "lock up the border" or to punish illegals here are attacking the symptoms but not the causes. Do you really want to stop the immigration? Then put pressure on the American government to stop supporting cronyist Mexican politicians who don't care about northern Mexico and use the border as a safety valve. More needs to done to develop the region.

    As for those who believe ilegal immigrants are stealing their jobs, when's the last time you applied to pick tomatoes for 12-14 hours in the hot sun? When's the last time an American citizen decided they really wanted a job at a quarry? Illegal immigrants aren't a drain, because they can't even apply for the welfare their taxes are paying for (sales taxes, property taxes, etc.). In fact, when this country needed to bounce back from WWII and from the various subsequent recessions, the US government turned a blind eye to immigration and used the cheap labor force to buoy its economy. Now that we're out of our last recession and jobs are tight again, we're suddenly fed up with the Mexican border. Who wants Mexicans here illegally? American farm-owners and contractors. You want to punish someone, punish them but empower their victims with education and opportunity.

    As for Northeasterners not being able to fathom immigration, no city in the world has a larger and more diverse immigrant population (legal and illegal) than New York City. It may be hard to comprehend, but in a world of planes, trains, and automobiles, people are able to enter this country in more places than the Mexican border. New York City, Boston, New Haven, all of these places have been designated as border towns by the U.S. government. In fact, up in Canada, Toronto and Montreal have been given similar status by Ottowa. This debate isn't a northeast/southwest thing, it's an informed/uninformed thing. And most of you seem severely uninformed, even those of you who think you're "living it." Living in a suburb and seeing immigrants when you drive into town does not count as "living it."

    Luís Medina
    SY 09

    P.S. The 'A' in MEChA does mean Aztlán. But do you have any idea what that is? It's a mythical Nahua city, roughly equivalent to Olympus. It's been adopted to signify a sort of paradise the movement wants to work towards. Is that really so hard to look up? You're already on the internet, I'm pretty sure it has a wikipedia article.