Adding salt to the wound

The Crimson just aren’t letting up. The Cantabs scored their fifth touchdown of the game, pushing the Harvard lead to 37-0. There’s just something about Boston sports this year that even the Yale magic couldn’t stop.


  • GlobalArts

    This is very sad. Given the proximity to finals, I really hope worry about grades did not play a part in this tragedy. Since Zach is not the first Yale student in recent history to commit suicide, the admin should address this at the freshman orientation and tell people a lot of Yalies who have gotten Cs and Ds have gone on to accomplish great things. Even Dick Chaney who supposedly flunked out became Vice President, so even flunking out is no reflection about what people can do after Yale. Supposedly, John Steinbeck got a D in English at Stanford and Al Gore got a D at Harvard. Freshman really should be told that many of them will get Cs and sometimes Ds and a few Fs, but they can still accomplish great things.