Yesterday’s article on the men’s hockey game incorrectly stated the number of goals allowed by goalkeeper Alec Richards ’09. Richards allowed one goal and Josh Gartner ’06 allowed two.


  • trimmerman

    If the US fish and wildlife had a legitimate case. I’m sure they would have happily pressed charges in two years. Why do they hide and say nothing? Why did they use a SWAT team when one Sheriff with a clipboard would have sufficed? I hope all those politicians campaigning next year don’t need any guitar music. I guess we can play plastic instruments intended for children.

    An open letter to the US fish and wildlife.

    I have some disturbing news. It turns out that there is a hardwood component in the soundboard of Angel’s Harps. Those Luthiers in Heaven have been getting away with this for much to long. The US fish and wildlife Department has no choice but to raid Heaven. I know, I know. The last time a SWAT team hit heaven, it did not go so well. What with the eternal Damnation and all. However, I am confident you guys will do much better. You are the US fish and wildlife Department. You answer to no one.