A caption accompanying Thursday’s story “Eatery to go below annex” misidentified the photographer. Staff photographer Michael Blank took the photo.

The caption of a photo on the front page of Friday’s paper misidentified the location of an open house. The open house was held at the Yale University Art Gallery.


  • becky

    I am so impressed that Yale news has covered this… When Shapiro or one of his family members contracts this deadly bacteria, (or already have it but don’t know it,) be sure to call Dr. Jones.

    My main stream doctors basically threw me out of the office, I had been going there since I was 12 years old. The Dr. asked me if I drink, I said ‘yes,’ he said, “It’s probably your liver”. Really my liver causes uncontrollable bouts of dystonia, (arms flailing in the air)? hmmmmmmmmm…

    When I asked for my medical records to see a lyme specialist recommended by my neighbor, it said “Family history of drug abuse and mental illness. Probably toxic, metabolic…”

    Really??? My brother is a drug addict so that makes my arms flail in the air? I think not!

    My original doctors office didn’t even diagnose my vitamin D deficiency, even though my skin was flaking off in the office.

    Thank goodness for my Lyme Specialist… I am now well enough to volunteer in my community and open my own retail shop. Which I could have done years ago if my old doctors treated me early when I was getting stress tests, and heart scans.

    I am not religious but if there is a heaven, Shapiro and Steere are NOT going there!