Monday’s article “Yale Limits Use of Kazaa, Other Clients” contained two factual errors. The article incorrectly stated that Yale has implemented a method of identifying and tracking illicit file sharing. In fact, the University’s Information Security Officer only responds to and investigates complaints.

The article also incorrectly stated that most computers at Yale connect to the Yale network at 105 megabytes per second. Most computers connect to the Yale network at 10 megabits per second.


  • The Anti-Yale

    Herr? I don’t know. he’s pretty rigid , a German trait I believe (I am allowed to say that since my maternal grandmother was Hulda Bonhau).

    And, I wasn’t COMPLAINING that he agreed to investigate the Kent State shootings, I was ASTONISHED.

    At the time, Arthur Krause, father of slain co-ed Allison Krause, thought the government agreed to reverse Attorney General Mitchell and convene a federal grand jury merely to open the case and shut it down for good on a procedural issue —-which is exactly what happened.

    Even so, I think Yale law Professor Bork VASTLY undersold himself when he appeared for ratification as a Supreme Court nominee.

    He should have used his three-day tenure as the Acting Attorney General who re-opened the Kent State investigation as a SELLING POINT TO LIBERALS.

    BTW—I agree with the guy who said I sound like I had a stroke. Everybody I refer to in the poost is either dead or a has-been. You know, to a world that worhips youth, and the present, and the future, the past is taboo.

    I should watch myseklf.

    I wouldn’t want anyone to think I was not au courant (i.e. cool).


  • The Anti-Yale

    Terrible proofreading, Keane.